NFL stars Deandre Baker, Quinton Dunbar hold party guests at gunpoint, steal cash after losing $70k gambling: Cops

NFL cornerbacks Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar are wanted on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm, as per arrest warrants

                            NFL stars Deandre Baker, Quinton Dunbar hold party guests at gunpoint, steal cash after losing $70k gambling: Cops
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Authorities in South Florida are looking for two NFL cornerbacks, Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar, after they were accused of executing a "planned" armed robbery at a Miami party during the early hours of Thursday (May 14) morning. The Miramar Police Department confirmed that arrest warrants have been issued for both sportspersons. 

They are wanted on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm. 22-year-old Baker is facing an additional four counts of aggravated assault. The two cornerbacks had been attending a cookout near Miami on Wednesday night and were playing cards and video games when an altercation had broken out. 

As per the arrest warrants issued, the fight began when Baker had flipped over a card table. He then "whipped out a semi-automatic firearm" and then began directing Dunbar and two others to start robbing the people at the gathering, reports the Daily Mail. 

He had also told a masked assailant to shoot an unidentified person who had just entered the party when the robbery was taking place. One of the victims had told authorities after the incident that he was "in fear of his life." 

However, no one was actually shot and there were no injuries reported. One of the masked assailants had taken around $800 as well as a Rolex costing $18,000 from one of the guests and $7000 and a Hublot watch costing $25,000 from another based on directions from Baker. 

Baker had pointed the gun towards another guest and had also ordered him to "give him all his money" which amounted to around $600 cash as well as a watch costing $600. 

The accounts and reports from the witnesses were conflicting and there were doubts as to whether Dunbar had been armed or not. Some witnesses claim that they saw him with a gun while others claimed that he had been unarmed. 

They did hear him ordering others to rob and steal. The four men fled the scene of the robbery through the patio door and split up into three vehicles. One was a Mercedes Benz, one was a Lamborghini, and the third was a BMW. 

According to witnesses, the cars had been strategically parked to ensure that the attackers were able to leave quickly. Detectives were able to figure that the robbery had been planned. A witness also revealed how both Baker and Dunbar had been saying that they had lost $70,000 gambling. 

The New York Giants released a statement saying, "We are aware of the situation. We have been in contact with DeAndre. We have no further comment at this time." The Seahawks also released a statement, "We are aware of the situation involving Quinton Dunbar and still gathering information."

"We will defer all further comment to league investigators and local authorities." On Thursday morning, Dunbar was on a video call with the Seattle media for the first time since moving to the team in March. 

During the video conference, Dunbar was heard saying, "You just want to feel wanted at the end of the day. ... I just hope to repay them with the way I carry myself as a person."

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