NFL Draft 2020: Fans eagerly wait to be glued to tv screens with ‘wine in hand’ ahead of fully virtual event

NFL Draft 2020: Fans eagerly wait to be glued to tv screens with ‘wine in hand’ ahead of fully virtual event
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In one of the rarest sports events that is taking place amid the ongoing pandemic, NFL Draft  2020 is all set to grace our television screens tonight (April 23, 2020) as different networks are coming together to broadcast the three-hour-long event, which was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Commissioner Roger Goodwell will announce the names of this year’s first-round draft picks from his residence in New York, while NFL teams will make their selections from their respective homes. In the first fully virtual NFL event, 32 players will know what NFL teams they’ll be playing. 

Meanwhile, fans are super excited to witness 2020 NFL Draft cooped up in their houses owing to the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. However. It seems like they’ve come up with their set of ways to seek maximum entertainment and information from the three-day-long virtual event as football fans embrace themselves for NFL Draft 2020. 

While one fan wrote, “No sport is more powerful than football. We are all about to be glued to our tvs for a 3 hour @zoom_us meeting. #NFLDraft2020. 3 hours of normal”

“Got my Kittle jersey on, my wine in hand, NFL Network on the TV and @sticktofootball on my laptop. Let’s go!!! #NFLDraft2020,’ added another. 

Fans have also noted that they love watching the event not just driven by their passion for the sport but also owing to the dedication the players display towards the team. 

“I love watching the #NFLDraft. The amount of dedication these young men & their families have put in is amazing. They deserve every penny for the countless hours, practices, camps, meetings, drop offs & pickups, cleats, mouth guards,etc!!! Congrats!!! #NFLDraft2020,” added a fan. 

“I know there is so much more important things in life currently but man am I happy this draft is going ahead #KeepPounding #Panthers #NFLDraft #NFLDraft202 #DraftDay,” noted another excited fan. Seconding the tweet, another fan wrote, “I absolutely love watching the draft promo vids. Yes, I know the #NFL is awful. The owners, terrible. But these kids are living their dreams and their emotions are so pure and heartwarming. Good luck gentlemen. #NFLDraft2020”.

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