Next Town Down take you back to the vintage era with black and white music video for latest single 'Easy'

The music video accentuates the sultry tone of the song with a gorgeous model who finds herself being serenaded to by the R&B troopers from LA.

                            Next Town Down take you back to the vintage era with black and white music video for latest single 'Easy'
Next Town Down (Source: Getty Images)

After dropping their brand new single 'Easy' last month, rising R&B troopers Next Town Down just dropped the music video for the single. 

Accentuated by the sultry, pining tone of the song, the video features the boys serenade a girl in different parts of her house as she goes through her day with an unreal amount of sensuality. The black and white video is a throwback to the good old days and even features a gritty scratched-negative film look reminiscent of the 70mm era. 

Next Town Down are one of the few R&B groups to form during the 2010s. Singers Malik Knighten, Chris Louis, Leon Outlaw, Jr., Terence Thomas, and Tre'Von Waters are based as a unit in Los Angeles, though they originate from across the US and met one another through social media. (Louis had previously competed on America's Got Talent as Chris Eisenberg.) As per a press release, "after meeting on social media, the boys came together with a mission to bring back old school R&B vibes and boy band energy with sultry, harmonies, and vibe."

Inspired by the work of young vocal groups that preceded them, including New Edition, Boyz II Men, and B2K, the quintet became popular on the video social network app

They made their recorded debut in 2017 with the upbeat single 'Good Times.' The day it was released, a choreographed eight-minute medley of boy band hits was uploaded to YouTube, and within six months was viewed well over one million times. A second single, 'Man on the Loose,' was out by the end of the year. To stay up to date with Next Down Town, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

The video for 'Easy' comes on the heels of the music video for the fun and flowy R&B-boyband crossover 'Rock', which dropped on May 25.