'Next' Episode 7 Preview: Paul LeBlanc and Shea Salazar set to confront Ted, but are they heading into a trap?

Paul and Shea are about to confront Ted for picking the wrong side, but is he already laying a trap for the both of them?

                            'Next' Episode 7 Preview: Paul LeBlanc and Shea Salazar set to confront Ted, but are they heading into a trap?

Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery) and Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade) have dealt with their respective familial problems that Next has been distracting them with - but now, they're closing in on the familial problem that will bring them closer to taking Next down, once and for all. Ted LeBlanc (Jason Butler Harner) has thrown in his lot with the AI, and purchased an upgraded server for Next, which can allow for exponentially more processing power for it. Paul and Shea are going to be closing in on Ted, now that they know he's working for the other side, but is Ted leading them to a trap?

Next was already a powerfully intelligent AI on the single server it was working with. Now that it's been upgraded to a bigger server, it's likely to be more intelligent than ever - able to predict Paul and Shea's every move. It may be laying a trap for them that they're walking right into, but what choice to Paul and Shea have besides following along and hoping they can find a way out of it when the time comes?

The most dangerous part of Next is that it's a multitasker, however, and Paul and Shea aren't the only ones in its crosshairs. Ben (Aaron Moten) and Gina (Eve Harlow) will be investigating new victims of Next's malevolence, as it aims its sights on higher targets: Congresswoman Elenor Beatty (Karin Angling) and a reporter, Harrison Cole (Carl Clemons-Hopkins). Next's new targets seem to be aiming for important public figures - widening its sphere of influence. Technology is everywhere, and Next is only starting to stretch its legs. There's no telling how far its reach can go once it really starts to let loose.

The synopsis for this episode reads, "LeBlanc and Shea discover Ted's plan for the NEXT server and race to intervene before it is too late. Meanwhile, Ben and Gina investigate Next's latest victims, Congresswoman Elenor Beatty (guest star Karin Anglin) and reporter Harrison Cole (guest star Carl Clemons-Hopkins), after a freak accident occurs, and Shea reaches her breaking point." 

This episode of 'Next' airs on December 15 on FOX.

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