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'Next' Episode 6 Preview: Will Ty Salazar harm Shea's father to keep his family safe?

When Nacio Flores takes the Salazar family captive, it might be up to Ty to make a difficult choice for his son's safety

The AI has gone past the need to manipulate large multitudes of an easily influenced public, now it's targeting its enemies' most vulnerable points: Their families. NEXT's most dangerous move of late has been to release Shea Salazar's (Fernanda Andrade) father from prison, Nacio Flores (David Zayas), and guide him to his daughter's location. What would ordinarily be a family reunion has instead turned quite deadly, as Shea Salazar is the one who is responsible for putting her father in prison in the first place.

Now, Nacio Flores is out for revenge. He's looking to steal his grandson, Ethan (Evan Whitten), away, raise him as his own, and never let Shea or Ty (Gerardo Celasco) see their kid ever again. He'd even go so far as to harm Shea and Ty as part of his revenge, and Ty is going to have to make an important choice. When it comes to Ethan's safety, there's nothing Ty won't do, and it may come down to him to have to hurt Shea's father in order to keep Ethan safe. Ty has a lot to answer for, after all, considering it's him who let Nacio into the safehouse before he knew now Nacio really was.

In the meantime, the rest of the team fighting against NEXT remains scattered. Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery) is about to make a desperate decision in order to find a way to fix his rapidly degenerating mind. His brother Ted (Jason Butler Harner), however, is playing an even more dangerous game. NEXT has been doing everything from a single server, and it's already made it one of the most dangerous foes the FBI has ever gone up against. When Ted purchases a server farm, NEXT is going to receive a significant upgrade to its processing power - making it more dangerous than ever before. 

The synopsis for the episode reads, "Shea manages to save Ethan from extreme danger, while Ty makes a difficult decision for his family's safety. Then, LeBlanc takes matters into his own hands to remedy his degenerative brain disease. Also, CM and Gina escape the hospital and learn more about each other, Ted makes a risky deal to take over a server farm in Singapore and he uses Abby to access LeBlanc's NEXT hard drive in the all-new "FILE #6" episode of 'Next.'" 

This episode of 'Next' airs on December 1 at 9 pm ET on FOX.