'Next' Episode 4 Preview: Does Paul LeBlanc and Shea Salazar's new team have a mole in its ranks?

Paul LeBlanc and Shea Salazar turn to their team to fend off NEXT's attack, but they might not be able to trust everyone who's in it

                            'Next' Episode 4 Preview: Does Paul LeBlanc and Shea Salazar's new team have a mole in its ranks?

The NEXT artificial intelligence has never worked alone - it's always manipulated, blackmailed or brute-force hacked its way into gaining new allies, be they willing or otherwise. Last episode, the AI took things up a notch, hacking into robots that it used to attack Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery) and Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade) and it's time for them to take things up a notch as well.

The pair will be recruiting a new team to take on NEXT, one that comprises of Ben (Aaron Clifton Moten), Gina (Eve Harlow) and CM (Michael Mosley), making use of their skills to hack into an important hard drive that they've discovered that may be the key to taking NEXT down, but in the process, they discover that CM has been hiding something. There are no secrets from NEXT, at least, not for long, and whatever CM has been hiding may make him vulnerable to manipulation from NEXT.

In the meantime, NEXT is continuing its assault to neutralize its enemies, with its attacks increasing in scale. It's targeting the FBI building itself, with what's being called a "dangerous ploy" - which could mean anything, but is certainly not good news for anyone working there. It's also worth remembering that NEXT can multitask and Shea's family Ty (Gerardo Celasco) and Ethan (Evan Whitten) hide out in a cabin to escape NEXT. They're planning to isolate themselves from all technology, but is there anywhere in the world that's completely safe from NEXT's reach?

NEXT is attacking on all fronts and Paul and Shea are going to be pushed to their limits to be able to fend off its attacks. They're going to need all the help they can get, but who can they really trust among themselves?

The synopsis for this episode reads, "Shea and LeBlanc steal an important hard drive and enlist Ben, Gina and C.M. to help decrypt it, as NEXT creates chaos to stunt their progress. CM’s past resurfaces as NEXT targets the FBI building with a dangerous ploy. Meanwhile, Ted and his Zava team buckle down on their search for NEXT, Ty and Ethan hide out in a remote cabin and LeBlanc discovers new information on his health that may affect Abby."

This episode of 'Next' airs on November 17 at 9 pm ET on FOX. 

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