Newsmax host Greg Kelly dubbed 'insipid ghoul' for saying Biden's dog Champ looks like he's 'from the junkyard'

Newsmax host Greg Kelly dubbed 'insipid ghoul' for saying Biden's dog Champ looks like he's 'from the junkyard'
Greg Kelly is being trolled for calling President Joe Biden's pet dog Champ 'ugly' (Facebook/Greg Kelly, Instagram/First Family Dogs)

People are raging over Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly who stooped to a new low on Friday as he called President Joe Biden's dog, a German Shepherd named Champ, "dirty" and "unlike a presidential dog", during his live segment 'Greg Kelly reports'. The conservative media house has come under fire for Greg Kelly's remarks on Champ, who is a 12-year-old rescue dog owned by President Joe Biden and his family. Internet is furious for this 'attack' on an innocent animal, which many feel is a desperate attempt by the journalist to attack the Democrat President. 

"Biden’s dogs > Newsmax’s humans" tweeted the Bulwark editor Bill Kristol.



Who are Champ and Major? Joe Biden's German Shepherd to have 'indoguration' as pets return to the White House

Joe Biden's German shepherd Major becomes first shelter dog in White House, Champ enjoys new bed by fireplace

Champ has been with the Biden family for more than 10 years, since December 2008, weeks after Biden became Barack Obama's Vice President-elect. Biden also has another dog, a two-year-old German Shepherd Major. 



What exactly did Greg Kelly say?

Before starting a panel discussion on his show, former Fox News anchor and present Newsmax host Greg Kelly took a jibe at Champ - the senior rescue dog of President Biden. Kelly had also tweeted about him 12 hours ago. 


Showing a photo of Champ sitting on the floor, he asked, "Doesn't he look a little rough?"

Greg Kelly (Wikipedia)

Kelly went on to add that he had never seen a dog like this in the White House before, saying that he needs a bath, a combing, and lots of love and care. He jeered that he is unsure of how much love and care Champ is actually getting from the present President's family. He compared Champ with former presidential dogs like Buddy (Bill Clinton) and Millie (George W. Bush) and added, "This dog looks like, I'm sorry but, from the junkyard." Greg Kelly's guest presidential historian Craig Shirley agreed with him adding that he is indeed "unlike a presidential dog".

Internet asks Greg Kelly to get his 'mouth washed with soap'

The internet has reacted furiously to this incident calling Greg Kelly and Newsmax out for their journalistic standards. "Your segment about the Newsmax guys laughing at Champ made me cry. Thank you Brian Williams for having Champ’s back. He’s a good boy. (Who makes fun of a sweet 12 year old German Shepherd, anyway??)" - tweeted a user emotionally. 


"Newsmax: Biden is doing a fantastic job....Nothing to go after him for."
Some trumper tool: GO AFTER HIS DOG! "RIGHT!" - wrote another.


This user also photoshopped this meme for Greg Kelly and Newsmax.


This Twitter user stood up for Champ, who is a 12-year-old rescued German Shepherd. "Champ is a 12 year old german shepherd. That’s about as old as they come. The fact that he’s walking about living his life is delightful. F*ck these insipid ghouls for having a problem with that" "Guess Newsmax hasn't heard about Ted Cruz and family leaving their dog in an unheated home during National winter disaster while they escape to the beach... #SaveSnowFlake" - another user reminded Newsmax about Sen. Ted Cruz leaving his dog Snowflake in the cold for vacationing in Cancun. "I think the reporter on Newsmax needs a bath and his mouth washed out with soap." posted another.




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