6-year-old girl dies after falling from third-storey window while jumping on bed with another child

6-year-old girl dies after falling from third-storey window while jumping on bed with another child
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Six-year-old Yodia Encarnacion, from Newark, died on Monday after falling out of a window while she was jumping on her bed with another child, according to reports.

The Essex County prosecutors, on Tuesday, said that the accident occurred shortly before midnight on Monday at a three-storey apartment building on 14th Avenue. 

Yodia, was reportedly rushed to the hospital, however, she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Neighbors, while talking to CBS2, said that they could hear the child's mother screaming after the incident. Ever since the accident, the Essex County Prosecutor Office's detectives have been in an out of the building throughout the day. 

The authorities have initiated an investigation into the case, however, no charges are expected so far, reports state. Prosecutors reportedly believe at the moment that nothing was amiss in the girl's death. 

An Essex County Prosecutor's Office spokesperson told NBC that initial findings suggest that the girl had been jumping on her bed with another child when she fell out of the window.


The spokesperson added that the window of the room had likely been open as it was a warm night. She added that the child's death was a terrible accident.

Although authorities suspect no foul play, they have launched an investigation into the case. (Source: Getty Images)

The apartment building's manager, Lissette Jiminez, said, "I know the mom, I just saw her outside, she was crying. My heart is breaking for her."

Recounting Monday's incident, Jiminez told CNS2, "It was around 11, 12 o’clock and I heard a big boom. I thought it was somebody throwing trash out the window. Afterwards I heard a lady knocking on the door, saying her child, her child."

"The little girl, she was breathing. She was breathing the whole time before the paramedics came, police came and everything. I’m not understanding how she died. When the police asked the adults, the adults said they were in the kitchen and the kids were in the back, playing," the manager added.


He said that the mother and the child had been living together at the apartment building for nearly four months. 

"Great mother. All the time together. She was the only daughter. Very nice, playful."

The building manager said that they generally install window guards to avoid untoward incidents, however, he was not certain if the guards had been placed on that particular window or not.

"We put in window guards, we put in screens, all that. If the window guards go, we can’t help if tenants take them away or anything like that, that’s not our responsibility," Jiminez said.


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 Newark girl dies after falling from third-storey window while jumping on bed with another child