Pua Magasiva, star of 'Power Rangers' and 'Shortland Street', dies at the age of 38

Pua Magasiva, star of 'Power Rangers' and 'Shortland Street', dies at the age of 38

New Zealand actor Pua Magasiva who is well known for playing Shane Clarke on 'Power Rangers' and the long-running star of the country's soap opera 'Shortland Street' has died at the age of 38 on Saturday. 

Magasiva played the role of Shane Clarke (the Red Wind Ranger) in 'Power Rangers Ninja Storm' which is the 11th television installment in the series. According to reports, the authorities were called to an address in Wellington on Saturday morning where they discovered his body. The cause of death has not yet been revealed. 

The actor also played the role of nurse Vinnie Kruse in several episodes of 'Shortland Street' which is one of New Zealand's most popular soap operas.

Magasiva had started the role while at the height of his fame in 2003. The soap production's company took to social media on Saturday to share, "We are all absolutely devastated at the tragic news regarding Pua Magasiva."

"Pua was a much-loved member of the South Pacific Pictures' family for many years and our hearts and thoughts go out to Pua's family at this time," the company further added.

Magasiva had made some of his earliest appearances on the same show several years before in the early 1990s and also had roles in TV shows such as "Outrageous Fortune" and "Diplomatic Immunity" during his career. 

Magasiva's 'Power Rangers' co-star Jason Chan took to Facebook to share, "Incredibly sad to hear that one of our ranger family is gone. It will never be the same again. PUA you will be so dearly missed. You were the center of energy on set and off. Always laughing, giggling and involved in practical jokes." 

Many fans and followers also commented on the star's death. One fan wrote, "'Once a Ranger, always a Ranger!' You were part of my childhood and I will never forget you, thanks for everything. You were a hero like Ranger and in real life! Rest in peace, Pua Magasiva, Shane, and Thanks."

Another fan added, "Ninja Storm was one of the Power Rangers seasons that I watched most often as a kid, and one of the few I watched all the way through multiple times. The Red Ranger was always my favorite character. Rest in Peace, Pua Magasiva. May the Power protect you, always."


Magasiva had married teacher Lizz Sadler last year.

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 New Zealand actor Pua Magasiva Power Rangers dies at the age of 38