Who is Pauline Waldron? NY woman stabs pet dog, tries to decapitate her with sword

Who is Pauline Waldron? NY woman stabs pet dog, tries to decapitate her with sword
Pauline Waldron was accused of trying to decapitate her dog (Greene County Sheriff's Office)

CAIRO, NEW YORK: A woman from New York has been arrested by the Greene County Sheriff's Office for allegedly trying to behead her pet dog using a sword. Pauline Waldron, whose age has not been disclosed, allegedly stabbed her mixed-breed dog named Peaches and left her bleeding for hours. The horrific incident took place recently at Waldron's home in Upstate New York. The merciless attack left the animal severely injured, almost at the brink of death. 

However, Peaches miraculously survived after undergoing a life-saving surgery, according to WHEC News. She was rescued from the Waldron household and is currently being fostered by a veterinary professional, though she still has a long way to complete recovery. A similar shocking incident of animal cruelty took place in May 2021, when 60-year-old businessman Salil Zaveri shot a dog dead on a golf course after the beast reportedly interrupted his game. 



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Who is Pauline Waldron? 

Not much has been disclosed by the police about Waldron, who seems to be over fifty years of age by appearance. She had six dogs at her home, including Peaches, who is an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler mix. 

After Waldron stabbed and attempted to behead the poor animal, she left her to suffer for over eight hours. Photos obtained by WHEC show deep, bleeding wounds all over the dog's body. She was in dire need of emergency surgery. It is not clearly known who exactly managed to rescue the dog and how they discovered her. 


After the rescue, the dog was rushed to the Catskill Animal Hospital where the surgery was performed. She was later transferred to a specialist veterinary clinic for post-surgical care. Meanwhile, workers at the Catskill Hospital tipped off the deputies at the Sheriff's Office, on account of animal cruelty, on June 30, 2021. 

The officials soon rescued five other dogs from Waldron's home who are currently being fostered by the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. Fortunately, the other dogs did not have any visible signs of abuse. All of them are believed to be siblings of Peaches.  


Pauline Waldron was arrested by the Sheriff's deputies and slapped with charges of animal cruelty - more specifically, one count of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. She was arraigned in Cairo Town Court and released later on her own cognizance. 

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