Mets vs Yankees: Series opener postponed as 2 Mets members test Covid-19 positive, when will they play again?

Mets vs Yankees: Series opener postponed as 2 Mets members test Covid-19 positive, when will they play again?
New York Mets (Getty Images)

In what comes as an unfortunate piece of news, two members of the Mets organization tested positive for the coronavirus that has led to the postponement of the next two games. The Mets vs Marlins and the Friday, August 21 opener against the New York Yankees have now been pushed. According to ESPN, one player and a staffer tested positive. MLB announced the news and said "additional testing and contact tracing" would follow immediately.

At the moment, it is still unclear if the Mets will be able to play the Yankees either on Saturday and Sunday. According to CBS, the theory is if MLB does the same as last week where a Reds player tested positive, then it would mean a delay for the Mets until Tuesday. However, there is still some good news. The Mets are slated to play the Marlins and the Yankees again. Their tussle against the Yankees, which is slated by the end of August will help if the series gets fully postponed. 

In their statement, the Mets said, "The New York Mets learned today that two members of the organization have tested positive for COVID-19 and Major League Baseball has postponed tonight's game at Miami and tomorrow's game vs. the Yankees at Citifield".

It added: "The team will fly back home to New York tonight with recommended safety precautions in place and conduct testing with the entire traveling party. The team is currently conducting contact tracing and the two members that tested positive along with those traced to be within close contact will remain in Miami tonight."

Talking about the development, Yankees manager Aaron Boone commented, “As we’ve said, 2020 is like no other year. In a way, we know what we’ve signed up for. And we knew that at times, there’s going to be challenges. We’ve already faced our own challenges with a couple of cancellations and doubleheaders. Other teams have obviously had it significantly worse with actual outbreaks and things, so we’ll just continue to do our best to try and do our part to be able to safely play games."

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