New York Giants' Kamrin Moore arrested for assault after he stamped on woman's neck and punched her unconscious

The team management suspended Moore pending investigation after he was charged with aggravated assault. His lawyers said the woman showed up 'unannounced and unsolicited at the residence' 

                            New York Giants' Kamrin Moore arrested for assault after he stamped on woman's neck and punched her unconscious

New York Giants player Kamrin Moore has been suspended after being arrested over the weekend in a domestic violence-related incident. reported that Moore not only punched an unidentified woman unconscious but also stepped on her neck. 

The incident took place outside the player's home on July 11. The woman told authorities that Moore had stamped on her neck so hard that it had left bruises on her neck. He was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault as a domestic-violence incident. 

According to the report, Moore and the woman, who is being referred to as "HP" in the complaint were seeing each other. She had come by to see him after Moore did not respond to her texts and had found a second woman there with him. The 22-year-old athlete is said to have "watched while they assaulted each other" but when HP was down to the ground, he had "placed his foot on her neck and applied pressure,” the court papers charge.

She then got up back up, following which he punched her. She was taken to Rahway Hospital. His lawyers have claimed that the accusations were false. “The claimant in this matter showed up unannounced and unsolicited at Mr. Moore’s home to begin an altercation with Mr. Moore’s girlfriend and invent these accusations. He will be fully cleared of all charges,” attorney Alex Spiro said.

The player’s rep Eugene Lee told the outlet, "We remain confident that when the truth is revealed, Mr. Moore will be exonerated and vindicated completely of these baseless charges.” His next court date is scheduled for August 28.

The Giants tweeted on Monday, July 15, confirming the suspension. "New York Giants safety Kamrin Moore was arrested over the weekend in Linden, New Jersey, for an alleged domestic violence-related incident. Moore has been suspended by the team pending further investigation," the tweet said. 

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