Beast Boy really wants to meet Batman! New 'Titans' poster, teaser released and it's one heck of a party

Beast Boy really wants to meet Batman! New 'Titans' poster, teaser released and it's one heck of a party

Batman sidekick, Dick Grayson aka Robin has been singularly bathing in attention ever since the first trailer release of DC Universe's new superhero series 'Titans'. In the latest promo materials, however, there seems to be a shift in focus from the Brenton Thwaites-played superhero to actor Ryan Potter's character, Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy.   

Known for his green-tipped hair and abilities to transform into a tiger, the young shape-shifter appears to be the polar opposite of Robin. He is colorful, playful and almost always a riot of fun - which even means occasionally forgetting his pants as he goes from his human form to his feline one. 

"Tigers have always been my favorite ever since I was a kid," announces Beast Boy in the trailer (watch it here), as he shape-shifts, leaving Robin quite flabbergasted (because he forgot his pants in the process).  "Do you have to be naked?" shoots back the former Batman companion. 


Speaking of Batman, amongst the million things that Beast Boy appears to be fascinated by, the Dark Knight seems to be at the top of the list. Hence, it doesn't come as much of a surprise when he expresses his wish to Robin.  

"I would really like to meet Batman," he says. Unfortunately for Beast Boy, Robin is not so excited at the thought and shoots the idea down immediately. 

Based on the Teen Titans series, DC Universe inaugural title, 'Titans' basically follows a group of young to-be-superheroes, who have been recruited from every corner of the comic world. The pack will be led by Robin who has clearly quit his life with Batman and has taken charge of this fearless band of new heroes including Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

However, it won't be a full-fledged team from the very beginning. In fact, when Robin and Raven first meet Beast Boy, he’s a member of fellow superhero group, Doom Patrol. 

Beast Boy in Dc Universe's Titans (Facebook)
Beast Boy in Dc Universe's Titans (Facebook)

“We’ll meet him with another surrogate family, and we’ll see why he would choose to get involved with the Titans — or Dick and Rachel, specifically,” DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns told EW. “He’s a fun character. He’s one of the best characters to write. I love writing Gar, and Ryan Potter plays him amazingly well.”

'Titans' premiere at New York Comic-Con on Wednesday, October 3, following which the superhero series will stream on DC Universe from Friday, October 12 onwards.

Check out the official poster of 'Titans' below: 


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 New Titans poster, teaser released and its one heck of a party with Beast Boy