Who shot two NOPD officers in French Quarter? All about the suspect who allegedly tried to ‘bite’ first responders

NOPD officials reportedly said that out of the victim officers, one was shot in the left cheek, just under his eye, and the bullet was lodged in the officer's skull

                            Who shot two NOPD officers in French Quarter? All about the suspect who allegedly tried to ‘bite’ first responders
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FRENCH QUARTER, NEW ORLEANS: In a horrifying case of gunfire, the New Orleans Police Department is investigating a shooting in the French Quarter where two officers were ambushed with gunshots on October 30. The NOPD stated that after 4:30 p.m., they responded to a call of an officer in need of help in the 1000 block of Royal Street. At that time, the two NOPD officers were patrolling the area, traveling southbound on Royal Street in a marked NOPD SUV.

The moment the officers reached the intersection with St. Philip Street, a man riding as a passenger in a pedicab opened fire on the officers' SUV, WDSU News reported.NOPD officials reportedly said that of the victim officers, one was shot in the left cheek, just under his eye, and the bullet was lodged in the officer's skull. As per reports he is in serious but stable condition and is responsive.NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson reportedly told the officer was able to walk into the hospital. He has not been identified, but the NOPD says he is a four-year veteran of the department.

On the other front, a second officer received minor abrasions to the arm. He is a 16-year veteran of the department. After the gunfire incident occurred, both officers were taken to the hospital by another NOPD unit who responded to the scene.

Additional NOPD officers located the suspect, who had escaped the scene, near the intersection of St. Peter and Decatur streets. After locating, the suspect was arrested. As per WDSU News, a firearm was located on the ground in the vicinity of the apprehension, the NOPD said. The suspect was not injured or shot in the incident. However, he was taken to a local hospital for treatment after suffering “a possible medical episode at the time of his arrest” as per WDSU News. 
NOPD news release mentioned that after the incident, top officials of NOPD met the victim officers. They also lauded the citizen community’s help that assisted the victim officers after they were shot. "Superintendent Shaun Ferguson and Mayor LaToya Cantrell both met with the wounded officers at the hospital after the incident. Ferguson commended his officers for their professionalism during this incident and members of the community who assisted officers in the immediate aftermath.” Ferguson said, “A retired Army veteran with medical experience was working in a nearby store and helped with the medical treatment of our officers until fellow officers arrived at the scene. We want to thank her, as well as citizens who helped to point out the perpetrator to officers responding to this scene.”

NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau’s Force Investigation Team is leading the investigation into the case. It has asked for help from the public in case anyone aims to provide additional information. A user posted about the whole incident on Twitter.

Some eyewitnesses mentioned the gunfire incident as reported by NOLA. Doulas Mackar, who was in a building looking at the scene of the shooting, mentioned he heard the gunshots. He stated he saw the driver of the pedicab crash into the sidewalk and run for cover. Mackar mentioned he ran to check on his girlfriend, and by the time he returned, the wounded officer had already been taken away to the hospital. 

NOLA stated that a woman who asked that her name not be published said she saw the suspected shooter flailing, screaming, and trying to bite first responders who were loading him into an ambulance after his arrest.


Who shot the NOPD officers? 

A pedicab driver inexplicably shot a New Orleans police officer in the face in the French Quarter on Friday, October 30 afternoon. This happened when revelers were coming in that area to celebrate Halloween weekend. Officer Ferguson reportedly said that the suspect, who had a gun holster on him, appeared to be going through some kind of medical episode when he was captured. This hints that his medical condition or mental health was not right, but nothing can be confirmed. As per news portal NOLA, Ferguson did not identify the suspect or mentioned what charges he would face. Currently, not much is known about the identity of the suspect. 

After the incident, people took to Twitter where some users wrote they believe in law and order and not in defending the police. A user wrote, “If we abolish prisons and defund/abolish the police, are we to assume the two gentlemen seen running from the scene after shooting two #NOPD officers is an isolated incident and wouldn't shoot unarmed civilians of #NOLA.”  

Another concurred, “NOPD officer was shot and another injured. Nothing the officer did to provoke it and the shooter just opened fire. Law and order not defunding. Prayers for the officers.” 







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