New Jersey Karen calls cops on Black family for 'pushing her off their home', White neighbors call her a liar

The White woman, Susan, came to the property three times in 30 minutes and demanded permit for a patio the family was building in their own house

                            New Jersey Karen calls cops on Black family for 'pushing her off their home', White neighbors call her a liar
(Fareed Nassor Hayat/Facebook)

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY: A White woman has reportedly called police on a Black family claiming she was assaulted by them. The woman, who was caught on camera, alleged that the family "pushed her off their property". However, she did not receive support from the White neighbors.

According to reports, the incident happened in Montclair, New Jersey, when the woman came to Fareed Nassor Hayat’s property three times in thirty minutes and demanded Hayat's family show her their permit for a patio they were laying in their own back garden. She also alleged to the neighbors that "she was pushed 10 feet" by Hayat’s family and then tried to stop the couple from capturing her on camera, The Mirror reported. When Hayat, a defense attorney, and his wife Norrinda reportedly asked the woman to leave their property, she stood on the road and called police claiming she had been assaulted by them. However, the White neighbors of the Black family refused to believe the woman’s claim.

Hayat, who is also a professor of law at City University of New York School of Law, posted the video of the incident on his Facebook page on June 29. In his social media caption, he has identified the White woman as Susan. He wrote: “White entitlement and Black hate embodied in Susan who lives on Marion Road and works at the EPA, called the police to lodge a false report of an assault against me when told to leave our property.” In his post, Hayat referred to the woman as “Permit Karen”. The term “Karen” is most commonly used to describe White middle-class women, who become confrontational when things do not turn up the way they want.


“Susan, aka 'Permit Karen', came onto our property three times within thirty minutes to demand to know if we had the proper permit to install a stone patio in our backyard, on the other side of the fence of her yard. When asked if a permit was required by law, she said she didn’t know, but insisted we answer her questions and submit to her demands, or she would call the police to force us to stop improving our home. (A permit is not required in Montclair for a stone patio this size. This fact was known to us through our own independent research, our contractor, and later verified when building and safety arrived at our home to investigate her complaint) When challenged about her flawed legal conclusions, assumption of right, her lack of agency over our home, and our eventual demand that she leave our property immediately, Susan decided to call the police and make a false report of an assault,” Hayat said.

He added in the post: “She invoked centuries of brutality in her call to the police and sought to put her Black neighbors back in their place. She believed that we were required to answer her questions and smile while doing so. But to her surprise, her efforts were met by two proudly Black human beings, parents, lawyers, law professors, activists, community members, neighbors, citizens, and fighters, who refused to submit.

“Her efforts were also met by a collection of largely White neighbors, who refused to simply go along with her racist efforts or not stand up against her attempt to invoke the racist power of the state through police. Their efforts were antiracist ideology at work. Each neighbor declared to her and the police that she summoned, that she was a lie and no such assault occurred. To her Black Lives Don’t Matter when up against her presumed inalienable rights of Whiteness. She did not see the flaw in her ways or apologize for her behavior. Her type, the racist, must be rejected and ostracized like she was today by Norrinda and I, but equally important, by our White neighbors here in Montclair and our White and non-White allies worldwide.”

Reports claimed that after the video of the incident was shared online, local youngsters organized a small protest outside the White woman's home. The woman reportedly called the police again claiming a brick was thrown during the protest, but a clip of the march shared on Twitter appeared peaceful.


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