New Jersey high school teacher who sent student nudes banned from classrooms, ordered to register as sex offender

New Jersey high school teacher who sent student nudes banned from classrooms, ordered to register as sex offender
Aichele (Source: Somerset County Prosecutor's Office)

A former Montogomery Township teacher who was arrested and charged with third-degree endangerment of the welfare of a child after it was found she sent explicit photos to one of her teenage students pleaded guilty at the Superior Court of Somerset County in Somerville.

According to, the guilty plea of 30-year-old Michelina Aichele, who had been facing a possible five years behind bars, saw prosecutors relent and instead recommend a one-year sentence.

She was also ordered to give up her teaching certificate and register as a sex offender and will be on parole for the rest of her life. A violation of any of these conditions will see her serving 364 days in prison.

Aichele pleaded guilty to third-degree child endangerment in court (Source: Somerset County Prosecutor's Office)

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) had earlier reported that the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office in October 2018 had stated that the Montgomery Township Police Department was contacted by Montgomery Township High School on October 4 regarding sexually explicit communications between Aichele and a 16-year-old student.

A subsequent investigation found that the victim had received nude photos from the teacher over a time period of several months, including photos of "her exposed bare breasts and buttocks". The victim also confessed that he and Aichele had engaged in sexually explicit conversations over text, email, and numerous social media sites.

A criminal complaint obtained by the Daily Mail read, "He further stated that she sent him text messages through Snapchat, stating that she thought about him while masturbating."


On October 5, the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit responded to assist the police with the investigation, and Aichele was taken into custody and booked into the Somerset County Jail "without incident".

She defended herself by claiming her students had hacked into her phone and then sent themselves the nude photographs of herself that she had saved on it. But as the investigation continued, it was revealed that she had even used her school email address for inappropriate purposes — she had asked the victim to take a "Rice Purity Test", which is an online self-graded survey of 100 questions designed to assess the taker's level of innocence in matters such as sex and drugs.

Furthermore, authorities' attention was also drawn to several Rate My Teachers posts made by her students. One read, "Good teacher, but weirdly intimate with some of the guys in my grade. She also brings up sex in class discussions at any chance she can, so that, plus the fact that she’s VERY friendly with the guys can make me uncomfortable in her class."


Another similarly pointed towards inappropriate behavior. "Great bod!" the student wrote. "Afterschool help is the bomb! ;) ;) She sits really close to you and she doesn't care for commitment which means you have a chance ;)"

Aichele's official sentencing is scheduled for this coming July.

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