New footage of viral McDonald's fight shows customer hurling abuse at worker before brawl breaks out

New footage shows the customer hurling insults at the McDonald's worker before their viral brawl broke out

                            New footage of viral McDonald's fight shows customer hurling abuse at worker before brawl breaks out
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The video of a brawl between McDonald's worker Erika Chavolla and customer Sabrinah Fontelar posted on social media by Nevada resident Marie Dayag went viral earlier this week, clocking millions of views within a day. The fight showed the two women coming to blows with one another within the premises of the restaurant, leaving other workers and customers scrambling to put a stop to it.

In the video, Chavolla charging out from behind the counter after some provocation from Fontelar, avoiding a milkshake and withstanding a blow with a metal tray before she manages to lay her hands on the much smaller woman. Chavolla manages to grab Fontelar and throws punches to her face and head as the latter desperately attempts to fight back.

The momentum then carries Fontelar away but, still incensed, Chavolla grabs her and hauls her into an adjacent table before the pair is finally separated by another worker and an onlooker. But Fontelar refuses to walk away, instead, picking up a fight with the worker trying to calm her down, resulting in a brawl breaking out once again. 

Chavolla grasps her by the hair and tosses her away, throwing in another few punches before pushing her away. One final attempt sees Fontelar picking up a chair threateningly, but she puts it down with a look of resignation. The McDonald's worker can be overheard saying 'My momma ain't dead, you respect my momma!,' leaving viewers to wonder whether the fight broke out because Fontelar had hurled abuses at Chavolla's mother. 

Dayag had hinted that the two went to blows with one another because Fontelar had tried to put soda in a free water cup, but it looks like there's more to the story. According to the DailyMail, the former had been repeatedly cussing at the Chavolla in the lead up to their fight, calling her a 'ho,' a 'b****,' and a 'fat a**.'

New footage of the incident appears to show Fontelar saying 'F*** you, ho!' to the McDonald's worker before voicing something else inaudible. Chavolla's response to the provocation can't be heard, but the argument soon escalates.

"That's why y'all can just leave," Fontelar can be heard saying. "What are you going to do, fight me? Fight me, b****. That's why your fat a*** is behind the counter," she continues, throwing a single french fry across the restaurant.

The staff then seem to join the argument, but the audio in a big chunk of the footage is incomprehensible, drowned out at one point by a crying child. A conversation about french fries follows and Fontelar can be heard saying: "Don't panic. It's too late family, y'all f***ed up now, call 'em." The footage ends here with the video of the fight itself possibly coming right after. 

The fallout from the brawl has reportedly seen Fontelar, a Las Vegas resident, charged with battery over the incident. Chavolla has confirmed that she has not been fired from the job though McDonald's has released a statement saying it 'does not condone the behavior depicted [in the video].'

Watch the new video with Fontelar cussing at Chavolla below.