Dashcam footage of South Korean actress Han Ji Sung's fatal accident contradicts husband's statement

The actress was fatally hit by two vehicles after she stopped her car in the middle lane of an expressway near the Incheon International Airport on Monday

                            Dashcam footage of South Korean actress Han Ji Sung's fatal accident contradicts husband's statement
(Source : Getty Images)

Newly surfaced dashcam footage has contradicted the initial reports of the circumstance under which South Korean actress Han Ji Sung died after being involved in a three-car collision on Monday.

According to reports, 28-year-old Sung got out of her Mercedes-Benz after stopping it in the middle lane of an expressway located near the Incheon International Airport. She was fatally struck by a taxi and a sports utility vehicle in quick succession

Initially her husband reported that she had stopped the car as he needed to take a toilet break and he had sprinted across the road to take a leak in the woods. In his statement he added that he only noticed the accident after he came back and had no idea why his wife of two months had not pulled over on the road shoulder for safety.

But footage taken from the dashcam of another car and obtained by broadcaster YTN seems to contradict the husband's statements as to what happened in the tragic accident. 

In the video footage, Sung was already outside the car when he ran across the road. The accident occurred around ten seconds from the time that he reached the guard rail. In that short span of time as well as the noise from the accident's impact raises questions as to why the husband had said that he was unaware of the accident until he returned to the site. 

An autopsy will be carried out on Sung and will give answers to the speculation surrounding her death.

According to social media users, Sung could have been intoxicated or on drugs which would lead her to stop the vehicle abruptly in the middle lane with the emergency lights on. A netizen, 'Kentv', commented saying, "Even if they were arguing, if they were sober, they aren't likely to stop in the middle of the highway like that."

Another netizen shared, "The only thing I can think of is that they got into an argument... and she just abruptly parked in the middle of the expressway out of anger and stepped out to get some air, while the husband went to the (roadside) to smoke a cigarette." 

Sung, also known as Seo I, was a member of the girl group B. Dolls in 2010.

She then went on to become an actress in dramas such as 'Second to Last Love' and 'Happy Sisters'. She was also seen in movies such as 'Moonlit Gymnastics' and 'Sori: Voice from the Heart'.