'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 13: Will Dr Vijay Kapoor die? Sharpwin romance blooms

Speculations poured in from fans on social media and most of them felt it was Anupam Kher's Vijay Kapoor who dies

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 13: Will Dr Vijay Kapoor die? Sharpwin romance blooms
Anupam Kher as Dr Vijay Kapoor in 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)

It's all happening on 'New Amsterdam' Season 4. After a heartening Episode 12, the upcoming chapter teased "one unforgettable memorable goodbye" leaving fans of the medical drama shocked. While the promo didn't reveal the character who passes, there has been ample speculation on social media. In addition, there's some cheesy, yet adorable #Sharpwin content for fans who have been rooting for the couple. Episode 13 will see the two romance in the shower before the news of the death hits them.

The reactions trickled in quick. "WHAT THE F*** KIND OF PROMO WAS THAT?! I accidentally threw my phone when it came on and hit my dog with it... now I'm just mad #NewAmsterdam #Sharpwin," one of the fans remarked. This was seconded by another who wrote, 'THE PROMO MADE ME YELP OUT LOUD (also, the tattoo is back, I guess? ) #NewAmsterdam". The surprise couldn't be held back. "SHARPWIN 5.0 IS SHOWER SEX HELP???????????? #NewAmsterdam,"another exclaimed.

"Max and Helen shower scene? Actual shower with kissing and touching and laughing?! NEXT WEEK! GAH! #Sharpwin #NewAmsterdam," one of the fans tweeted. "LITERALLY SHOWER SEX SCENE YALL!1!-?-!/!!2!2)/!/!/!/!/!:? #NewAmsterdam #Sharpwin," a tweet read.







Speculations about who died (or is leaving the show) were doing the rounds as well. Most felt it was Dr Vijay Kapoor who was last seen battling COVID and subsequently resigned. 'New Amsterdam' began Season 3 with COVID-19 as the theme and Dr Vijay (Anupam Kher) was one of the actors who exited the show at that point. The actor stated taking care of his wife's cancer was the reason behind his exit and his character was written off. It does appear that Kher has permanently left the show and with news of the character's death, there is a closure of sorts.

"I bet its VJ who dies #NewAmsterdam," one of the tweets read. Some were already anxious. "Excuse me who the hell leaving and it better now be death #NewAmsterdam," one of the fans said. "I wonder if it’s Kapoor that pass away as who else could it be #NewAmsterdam," a fan opined. "Oh no....please tell me they're just leaving and someone didn't just die. I can't handle another #NewAmsterdam death," a comment said.






What are your thoughts on who dies in the next episode of 'New Amsterdam'?

'New Amsterdam' airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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