'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 6: Why Helen chooses to turn down Max and Cassian? Here's what she'll do next

Fans are glad that they don't have to see Cassian and Helen together, still hoping for 'blended family' with Max

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 3 Episode 6: Why Helen chooses to turn down Max and Cassian? Here's what she'll do next
Freema Agyeman plays Dr Helen Sharpe on 'New Amsterdam' (nbcnewamsterdam/Instagram)

'New Amsterdam' Season 3 sees Dr Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) initially exasperated with Max (Ryan Eggold) as he tries to rather ham-handedly tackle systemic racism. In a typical Max fashion, he bursts into Helen's office, telling her he has decided to stop systemic racism in the hospital. He doesn't realize that Helen has just got off a phone call with her rather distraught niece in Iran. To refresh your memory, Helen recently lost her half-brother in Iran. However, before she can absorb her conversation with her niece, Helen is swept into a conversation on systemic racism with Max and she makes it clear that she doesn't think that Max is going about it in the right way at all.

To Max's credit rather than getting annoyed at Helen's irritation at his approach, he asks her to be his co-medical director, to help him tackle not just racism but also to create more opportunities for women of color at the workplace. 


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Freema Agyeman and Ryan Eggold star in 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)


Initially, Helen agrees to be Max's partner in running the hospital; she even goes back on her offer to her niece, inviting her to come and live with her in New York City. But after her niece tells her that her father always said Helen has no time or space for a family in her life, she begins to reconsider. She not only reconsiders her recent professional decisions like taking on the promotion to co-medical director, but also her personal decisions.

At the end of the episode, we see Helen telling Max that she can't take on the promotion since she has other things to focus on now. She however doesn't elaborate to Max what those other things may be. She also steps away from Cassian (Daniel Dae Kim) saying that her niece now needs all that she can give. Fans are excited to see that Helen is finally doing what she wants to do and not being influenced by either of the well-meaning but sometimes overbearing men in her life.

Hope for Helen and Max

One fan tweeted, "Max better shut it soon or I'll reach through the TV and punch him myself! Helen is unraveling, she needs him to listen and support! This isn't about him, for once in their relationship! #NewAmsterdam"



Others, however, chose to see Helen stepping down from her position as co-medical director as signs that there is hope for Helen and Max.

One fan tweeted, "I’m just letting the audience know the obvious....Helen and Max can’t be together unless one of them steps down. #SHARPWIN IS HAPPENINGGGGG!!!! #NewAmsterdam"




Fans are thankful for the moment at least, they don't have to tolerate Helen and Cassian. One fan tweeted, "The way I had mentally prepared myself to see Helen and Shin together for the rest of the season. I'm glad it didn't last lol #NewAmsterdam #Sharpwin"



Fans are very excited to see how the story now moves forward with Helen's niece. One fan tweeted, "Very excited for this storyline! so happy to be learning more about helen and getting to see her interact with family! #newamsterdam"



Others are going quite a few steps further, and already thinking of a blended family with Helen and Max. One fan tweeted, "I have said and will continue to say it. They’re getting ready to bring Max and Helen together this season! It’s going to be a blended family y’all. Y’all better get ready! #NewAmsterdam #Sharpwin"




To get to understand more of Dr Helen's family history, and how will life for her niece pan out in New York City, catch new episodes of 'New Amsterdam' on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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