'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 13: Max's new assistant Adele is melting hearts with her enthusiasm for life

She is sassy, smart and an incredible fit for Max but the only catch is that she is dying

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 13: Max's new assistant Adele is melting hearts with her enthusiasm for life
Max Goodwin (NBC)

After a gazillion years of everyone coaxing Dr Max Goodwin to get an assistant, he finally gets one. However, she is nothing like you have ever seen and the Dam Fam cannot stop swooning over her. Not only is she sassy and smart but also an incredible fit for Max. The only catch? She's dying.

"Really wish Adele could stick around I love her already #NewAmsterdam," tweeted a fan and another said, "I love her." A third one said, "Adele is hysterical... Good choice Max." Another said, "Adele is a gem. I hope she sticks around." 

It all starts with Max finding out that the hospital was dumping dying patients in other hospitals to keep their mortality rates low. As soon as he finds out, he goes and gets all of their patients that were transported to the local healthcare facilities. Along with this group comes Adele — an elderly woman who was once a civic employee who attended to angry calls. Each of the doctors in the team is assigned a patient and Adele, as fate would have it, is assigned to him. 

In an impressive move, she helps Max get out of a fundraising meeting and is hired immediately. She goes on to become the spark that leads Max, in true Max fashion, to start a palliative care unit at the hospital. Adele tells him that he didn't need to give his patients a place to die, rather a place to live till they met the inevitable. She managed to brighten up the "Graveyard" — the storage space of the hospital, and clearly, is good for Max's mood. 

Dam Fam is loving Adele's enthusiasm for life and seems to be "too attached to her already". One fan said, "I know she dying, but let's keep Adele long as we can. #NewAmsterdam." Another said, "Adele is so precious, and I don't want her to die. Such an upbeat, fun person with a beautiful spirit. And she made Max smile. #NewAmsterdam." A third one said, "If Adele needs lung, I’m ready." 

This is definitely a keeper character on the show, let's see how they play her arc. 

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