'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 13: Bloom's tiff with Reynolds pushes him to leave hospital, fans are divided

Reynolds and Bloom lock horns and the whole ordeal upsets him so much that he decides to leave for San Francisco

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Episode 13: Bloom's tiff with Reynolds pushes him to leave hospital, fans are divided
Floyd Reynolds, Lauren Bloom (NBC)

Fans were left conflicted after 'New Amsterdam' left things a little complicated between Dr Lauren Bloom and Dr Floyd Reynolds. After an elderly dying patient is left just outside the hospital, the doctors realize that she has also got a pregnant daughter. At first, they are all about making the patient comfortable but thanks to the stress, the mother goes into early labor. As fate would have it, the patient slips away talking about how she wanted to see her granddaughter.

Things get more complex when Reynolds tells Bloom that the patient was a DNR and that she could not bring her back. "But if she was here she would want to see her granddaughter," screams Bloom, as Reynolds tries to explain to her that she had made a legally binding choice months before the emotional conversation and that they should respect her last wishes. Bloom goes ahead anyway and brings her back to life. She gets to meet her granddaughter in a sweet moment.

However, that leaves Bloom and Reynolds locking horns and what she tells him seems to snap the last thread keeping Reynolds at New Amsterdam. "Everyone here bends the rules," she tells him and that if he was looking for someone to judge, he was looking at the wrong person. If only she knew what Reynolds did for Duke. Reynolds, upset, takes the job in San Francisco.

"Shut the hell up Bloom you were wrong AF this not abt breaking rules. Floyd is right, what if she'd been brain dead and her daughter would have to decide 5 mins after giving birth what to do with her mum," tweeted a furious fan.

Another said, "I understand where Bloom is coming from, but if her charts said DNR you have to respect her wishes. #NewAmsterdam." A fourth fan tweeted, "She's a DNR patient. Floyd wanted to honor that, but Bloom doesn't care and decided to save her #NewAmsterdam."

Others felt differently. "I understand Reynolds, but I'm with Bloom on this one. Only because of what the woman had JUST said and with the daughter's situation... screw the DNR just this once. #NewAmsterdam." Another said, "I'm with Bloom. Floyd just heard what the woman said. Why is he acting brand new?"

A third one said, "Bloom you’re a savior but you’re going to be in so much trouble."

One thing is clear though — this move will cost her.

Catch 'New Amsterdam' next week on Tuesday 10/9c on NBC.

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