'Elite' season 2 will see double the drama as three new students get ready to stir things up at Las Encinas

The second season of this crime drama will have three new students added to the group at the prestigious Spanish boarding school Las Encinas.

                            'Elite' season 2 will see double the drama as three new students get ready to stir things up at Las Encinas

'Elite' the Spanish teen drama is coming back to Netflix for round 2 of drama, romance, crime and power-packed action on September 6, 2019. Season one made a huge impact on the audience, leaving them wanting more. Season 2 will see the return of Itzan Escamial as Samuel, Miguel Bernardeau as Guzmán, Miguel Herrán as  Christian, Jaime Lorente as Nano, Polo ( Álvaro Rico), Carla ( Ester Expósito), Lucrecia (Danna Paola), Nadia ( Mina El Hammani) , Omar ( Omar Ayuso) and Ander ( Arón Piper). María Pedraza would not be returning as Marina as her character met its end at the season one finale episode. 

The second season of this crime drama will have also have three new members added to the elite student's group of Las Encinas. The drama is only getting started now with season one's end leaving the viewers in shock what with Marina's ( María Pedraza) death and Polo being the cause of that death.  Season two will be focussed on solving this case along with the added drama in the life of Samuel as he tries to come to terms with the truth about the death of his lover. He also will be shown as someone coping with anger and frustration on knowing that his brother Nano betrayed him by having an affair with his girlfriend.

Samuel knows in his heart that Nano is not guilty of Marina's murder and hence will do whatever it takes to get his brother out of jail and work towards identifying the real criminals. Guzman will also be trying to come back from the heartbreak of losing his sister while trying to wrap his head around the feelings he has for Nadia.  In the upcoming season, we get to see that the two main people who will be majorly affected by Marina's murder are her ex-lover Samuel and her brother Guzman. 

Claudia Salas as Rebeca M., Jorge Lopez as Valerio M. and Georgina Amorós as Cayatena G. in the new Season 2 of Netflix's Spanish drama series 'Elite'

Entering Elite in season are three new characters. First, we have Rebeca M. ( Claudia Salas ). She will spark things up as the trailer released on August 20 showed that she and Lu will not be on good terms. This just gives us the impression that Rebeca is going to be competition for Lu at school.  Valerio M. ( Jorge Lopez), the second entrant is the flamboyant and carefree lad who will be taking over the 'chicas' just like how Christian's personality was in season one, the trailer shows the viewers that Valerio will bing double the charm. The third and last entrant to the character list of 'Elite' will be Cayatena G. who in the trailer depicts a personality more like that of Marina's with her 'I don't give a damn attitude' but equally innocent face. 


The entry of these characters means double the drama, action and suspense. Fans are impatiently waiting for the next season to air as they expressed their curiosity by tweeting, "Elite season 2 is gonna be fucking awesome!!! Can't wait for all the Nadia and Guzman's scenes! #Elite". 

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