Netflix's 'Insatiable': Cast defends 'tone-deaf' show as 229,653 people sign cancel petition

Addressing the controversy during the red carpet premiere of 'Insatiable', actress Debby Ryan said the show's hilarious and wild setting invites us all to laugh about something

                            Netflix's 'Insatiable': Cast defends 'tone-deaf' show as 229,653 people sign cancel petition

Netflix and its arsenal of topical and socially-relevant shows have mostly garnered positive reviews from fans and critics except for their latest offering 'Insatiable' – a series centred around a bullied high-school girl Fatty Patty. Not only has the show garnered attention for all the wrong reasons since the premiere, it also has received harsh criticism over the way "body shaming" has been projected in the series. 

Addressing the controversy during the red carpet premiere of 'Insatiable', that released on August 10, however, lead actress Debby Ryan took a different course, defending it's "hilarious" and "wild" setting. 

"[Insatiable] kind of invites us all to laugh about something," the actress told E! News adding, "I'm super thankful that there is such an awareness and such a concern about these topics and I'm really glad that we have been able to step a little bit more forward into the conversation."

Her sentiments were echoed by co-star Alyssa Milano as well, who went ahead and justified her reasons for taking on the role of Coralee, a socialite struggling to find her place. 

"To find something after being in the business 30 years—that's nothing that I've ever done before—was part of the attraction for me," the 45-year-old actress explained. "Any time people start a conversation about social issues, it's a good thing. Obviously, people are already having that conversation, which I think is a good thing. But I do think there's lots more for them to be upset about and I look forward to those conversations as well." 

Even before the premiere of the first season of the latest Netflix show, there was a wave of outrage over the subject matter of the series. While critics have outright slammed 'Insatiable' for coming off as "tone-deaf", viewers too have taken a similar view, signing a petition to cancel the show. 

"This series will cause eating disorders and perpetuate the further objectification of women's bodies. The trailer has already triggered people with eating disorders. Let's stop this, and protect further damage," read the petition, filed shortly after the trailer debut.

In the light of the ongoing drama and mixed response to the show, however, series creator Lauren Gussis highlighted the censorship associated with the backlash about the show.

“That’s the reality of what still happens. There’s a lot of people in this country who are evolved. But I know that my experience was that there are still people in the world who think that stuff is OK," Gussis told THR. 

"To portray those people who actually exist in the world, is real. I think we’re in a real danger of censorship if we decide that we all have to tell stories in a certain way so that everybody else feels safe. In my own experience, growth comes from discomfort and pain.”