Netflix's 'Hunger' Ending Explained: Why does Aoy return back home in the end?

Netflix's 'Hunger' Ending Explained: Why does Aoy return back home in the end?
Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Aoy in 'Hunger' (Instagram/@aokbab)

Spoilers for 'Hunger'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA : The Netflix original film, 'Hunger', which released on April 8, 2023, has left a very powerful message in a subtle way and it also quickly conveyed intense emotions and impressive visuals that left audiences stunned. This caused many people to eagerly anticipate the full film and wonder how the story would progress.


The Thai film revolves around Aoy (played by Chutimon "Aokbab" Chuengcharoensukying), who runs her family’s street food stall, and one day gets invited to become a chef at a fine dining restaurant where she meets Chef Paul and her life changes with twists and turns as she gets to witness the glitz and glamour of the life as a chef. At the same time realizes the toxicity that lies behind the gliz and glamour within the upper class elite society.


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The movie will explore different perspectives on the theme of hunger, which can manifest in various forms such as a desire for wealth or fame. Aokbab, who plays a prominent role in the film, has stated that everyone experiences hunger, but each person's hunger is unique to them. Therefore, the movie is likely to present a diverse range of characters and their motivations for pursuing their respective desires.


What happens when Aoy quits workin with Chef Paul ?

As Aoy obsesses over achieving perfection, her father suddenly falls ill and is hospitalized. Upon arriving at the hospital, she discovers that her father is not receiving proper care due to a lack of available beds. Faced with mounting medical bills, Aoy recalls Chef Paul's words about the dangers of greed, and realizes that there are more important things in life than just success and perfection. In the culinary world, Chef Paul was notorious for his unrelenting demeanor and condescending attitude towards his peers.

He exuded a palpable air of superiority and never hesitated to pass judgment on anyone who failed to meet his lofty standards. One day, Aoy, a member of his team, bore witness to a shocking scene while on a hunting trip with Chef Paul. She was appalled to see him serve illegal game, namely hornbill, to the chief of staff Tui in the National Park. Disgusted by his unethical behavior, she resigned from her position and moved on to another restaurant. It was there that Aoy's talent truly flourished.


She quickly rose to the rank of head chef and garnered widespread acclaim for her culinary prowess. As her popularity and success soared, so did her ego, and she began to revel in her newfound sense of superiority. This also made her lose her relationship. Ultimately, Aoy's journey serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of allowing success to go to one's head. While her talent and hard work propelled her to great heights, her arrogance threatened to overshadow all she had achieved.

Why does Aoy return back home in the end?

Aoy's success leads her to an exclusive birthday party, where she encounters Chef Paul once again. The two engage in a dramatic culinary showdown, with Chef Paul's jealousy of Aoy's success becoming increasingly evident. In a moment of bitterness, he declares that he is irreplaceable and prejudice will always exist.


However, things take a dramatic turn when a video of Chef Paul serving hornbill to the Chief is leaked, causing widespread disgust among the guests. As a result, Chef Paul is promptly arrested, with his once-untouchable reputation now in tatters. This turn of events proves that even the most dominant figures in the culinary world are not immune to the consequences of their actions.

After experiencing the fleeting nature of success, Aoy came to a poignant realization that material possessions, fame, and accolades are hollow pursuits without integrity, inner peace, and joy. Her epiphany led her to make a momentous decision: to return to her roots and reunite with her family. As the head chef of her family's restaurant, Aoy found solace in the simple pleasures of cooking with love and authenticity, surrounded by the warmth and support of her loved ones.


Her decision to prioritize her values over external validation proved to be the ultimate fulfillment, as she found genuine happiness in creating meaningful connections and contributing to her community through her culinary artistry. Moreover, 'Hunger' goes beyond the beautifully plated food. The movie reveals the gore, the reality of the culinary industry.

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