Netflix 'The Package' trailer: A camping trip cut short, by a knife, literally!

'The Package' might look like just another teenage film, yet it has a strong cast and good story which might leave the audience asking for more dozes of laughter.

                            Netflix 'The Package' trailer: A camping trip cut short, by a knife, literally!
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Netflix's trailer for its new film 'The Package' has set the stage for a straight up teenage comedy about five friends on a camping trip, who find themselves in a weird situation after one of them loses his prized possession! Can you guess what it is? The hint is in its name!!!

The teenagers - Daniel Doheny ('Alex Strangelove'), Geraldine Viswanathan ('Blockers'), Sadie Calvano ('Mom'), Luke Spencer Roberts ('Phoenix Forgotten') and Eduardo Franco ('American Vandal') - have everything in place for the camping trip: some beer, condoms, a fake id for "booze" and a pocket knife!

The group sets off on a road trip to the woods but soon have to call it short, when one of them accidentally cuts off his penis while urinating! Now, the title makes sense, right?

What follows is a hilarious race against the time to save their friend from the 'worst case scenario.'

Directed by Jake Szymanski ('Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates') who also directed HBO's mockumentary 'Tour de Pharmacy,' the comedy film is penned by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, the duo responsible for 'Gentlemen Lobsters.'

Daniel Doheny, best known for becoming the streaming service's go-to actor for teen characters, has played the lead. Doheny got his big break in Craig Johnson's 'Alex Strangelove' which was released this year in April. Geraldine Viswanathan, the Australian actress, who has been referred to as "film's breakout star" is playing his love interest. The actress gained immense popularity following her role as Kayla in Kay Cannon's directorial debut film 'Blockers.' The actress had previously appeared in 'Emo (the Musical)' which was released in 2016. The film will also star Sadie Calvano (CBS sitcom 'Mom') and Luke Spencer Roberts ('Fear the Walking Dead').


Geraldine Viswanathan has a bright future ahead after 'Blocker's and it will be a pleasure watching her on 'The Package'. (Getty Images)


The Netflix's original is produced by Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck - the makers of Comedy Central's stoner hit 'Workaholics.' Devine's 'Game Over, Man!' clearly established the fact that the actor could go up to any length to make sure his audience has a hearty laugh.

During an interview with Thrillist, Devine explained that the audience lose their preference for comedy when a film does not make them laugh hard enough, and in order to do that the actor makes sure that he places his anecdotes right. While explaining a scene from 'Game Over, Man!' he said, "We wanted to jump into our characters' scene, where the terrorists do something pretty insane and violent, but we didn't want it to just be a standard death. So we were like: 'What would be a funny thing that could happen, that we could see them being terrorists?' And we were like, Obviously, dick cuttin' off!"

Cutting off dicks always seem to serve the purpose of a comedy, and the idea does not differ when it comes to 'The Package.' Apparently, the friend's most prized possession is nothing but his dick which he accidentally cuts off while trying to show-off the sharpness of his knife. 'The Package' although appears to be just another version of the 'American Pie' and any other teenage movie that Hollywood has ever produced, it certainly has a strong cast. The film might differ from the other teenage stories because of its versatility in both casting and story-telling.