Netflix The Innocents: A look at 10 iconic shapeshifters in films and TV

'The Innocents' is a shapeshifting teenage drama where the girl shapeshifts into a Norwegian man and is anything but cool. Here are 10 iconic shapeshifters that do the job better.

                            Netflix The Innocents: A look at 10 iconic shapeshifters in films and TV

Adolescence was the time when you realized that Santa Claus isn't real and as disheartening as the realization was, here's Netflix bringing you a show on August 24, where the story of two adolescents draw curtains to tell you that shapeshifting isn't cool, it isn't a superpower at all. 'The Innocents' follows two high-schoolers, Harry (Percelle Ascott) and June (Sorcha Groundsell), who run away from their overprotective families to start a new life together. While it's all fun and games in the beginning, June discovers that she has the power to shapeshift. But here's the catch, shapeshifting isn't quite as useful as X-Men's Mystique, instead it's a painful and traumatic experience for June that starts her on a journey into a dark hunt for her identity and where she comes from. 

June, when she shapeshifts, turns into a bearded Norwegian man; more depressing than 'Sky High' Maj's transformation into a guinea pig. According to the creators at Netflix, this was done so to add creepiness into the series while still rooting the characters emotionally in their relationship. The producers revealed that they looked to the Norse mythology of the Berserkers, the warriors who would transform into wild animals in the heat of battle, for the inspiration of this twisted coming-of-age story.

Netflix recently released a first look behind the scenes trailer and oh boy! before the idea of shapeshifting as a cool superpower is ruined forever, here are the ten iconic shapeshifters in flicks and series that deserve to be watched:

Mystique - X-Men movies

The first shapeshifter that comes to mind is Mystique because she is this villainous boss mutant with a superpower. She is authentically blue-skinned, yellow-eyed and red-haired figure but she has the ability to look like whoever she wants to and even sound like them. In the X-Men franchise, she is rarely seen in her original version as she uses her power to aid Magneto, the antagonist and seduce Wolverine by turning into his love interest. 

Sam Merlotte – True Blood

Sam Merlotte is a shapeshifter on the HBO original series 'True Blood' who can turn into any animal. However, the owner of Merlotte’s bar prefers shapeshifting into dogs, because everyone loves a dog. In the series about vampires and werewolves, Sam's introduction as a shapeshifter was an interesting concept to fans who suddenly resolved the mystery as to how he could balance a biscuit on his nose without eating it. However, he needs an actual animal to use as the shapeshifting blueprint and he can't do humans because it's too complicated.

T-1000 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator fans know the uber cool power of android T-1000 because, besides being a shapeshifting assassin, he is a lethal weapon and a major antagonist. Here is how he works. T-1000 also known as a Prototype Series can take the form of any person it comes in contact with and can change its shape and size to slide, glide or jump through any impermeable barrier. The most fascinating characteristic is his ability to morph his arms into blades. 

Remus Lupin - Harry Potter 

Harry’s favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is a much-loved shapeshifter who we have seen turn into a werewolf only once in the series. However, his ability to turn into a wolf is a curse as he struggles to find acceptance. Despite the horrific encounter with Harry Potter and his friends, Harry still acknowledges his favorite professor as a kind and generous person and so do we. 

Sylar – Heroes

Sylar is a superpowered serial killer who targets other superhumans in order to steal their powers. Even though his original power is that of intuitive aptitude, he does creepily shapeshift back and forth between himself and his mother. The main antagonist of the NBC sci-fi drama 'Heroes', he attempts to meet and impersonate the President of the United States and turns into Senator Nathan Petrelli. However, as his plans fail, his powers are neutralized, his memories are erased and he believes he really is Nathan. 

Leah Clearwater - Twilight

Leah Clearwater is the only known female shape-shifter in the Quileute history and how cool is that? Belonging to the Beta of the Black pack, she is Seth Clearwater's older sister, and Sam Uley's ex-girlfriend. Known to have transitioned into a wolf during New Moon, around the same time as her brother, Leah has a light grey fur and is slightly smaller than her male counterparts. 

Santanico Pandemonium- Dusk Till Dawn

In Robert Rodriguez's 1996 film and later TV series, Santánico Pandemonium is the queen vampire who appears on stage in human form, but she takes a cobra form during dinner time and turns into a scaly snake woman at night. Portrayed by Salma Hayek in 1996 cult movie, the shapeshifter takes an anti-heroine role and the same character is played by Eiza González for the TV series of the same name. 

Alexandra Mack – The Secret World of Alex Mack

In the 1994 series, Alex Mack is doused in the GC-161 chemical spill and acquires the power to shapeshift. The ability allows her to reduce her form into a liquid state which immediately collapses into a puddle giving her free movement. In the beginning, this ability allows her to hide from danger but over the course of the series, it evolves. The power is activated when Alex focuses on the thought of water and very few people know about her ability and her parents aren't one of them.

Bubble - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Rihanna played the role of a sexy, shape-shifting alien named Bubble in Valerian and etched shapeshifting as a glamorous type to be. She is a glampod, a blue jelly-like alien, named Bubble who is forced to work in an underground sex club. Her performance on stage isn't transforming into something drastic, but rather into sexier outfits and new looks. However, besides the dance, a majority of her screen time is spent as an amorphous blue alien.

Magenta- Sky High

When Magenta, also called Maj, said she could shapeshift, everyone was excited until it was revealed that she could only shapeshift into a guinea pig. Even though she did not make it on the 'heroes' team and was a part of the 'sidekick' team along with the main protagonists, she was the one who eventually saved the school from Royal Pain, the villain. Maj was quick to turn herself to guinea pig and repair the device before the anti-gravity system of the Sky High school collapsed. 

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