'Skin Decision: Before and After': Nurse Jamie helps Lauralee get her self-confidence back

'Skin Decision: Before and After': Nurse Jamie helps Lauralee get her self-confidence back
Lauralee (Netflix)

The way we look affects our lives in more ways than we'd like to admit. Following her mother's car accident, Newport resident Lauralee gave up her job to become her mother's full-time caretaker. She was so involved in the new role that she had no time to take care of herself and focus on her well-being. So, that meant that she began slacking on working out and began eating unhealthily. One fine day, when Lauralee looked at herself in the mirror she was surprised by the reflection that looked back at her.

She could barely recognize the person looking back at her. There were wrinkles all over her face, she put a ton of weight, which in turn resulted in an obscene amount of cellulite buildup on her body. She found it really hard to accept herself and make peace with her appearance. She tried her best to get back into the dating world but had a hard time. She realized that she needed to love herself first before beginning to seek love and she needed to make some changes in order to fall in love with herself.

When Dr Nazarian and Nurse Jamie saw Lauralee, they remarked on how beautiful her body looked. They then listened to her concerns and decided that she would be the ideal candidate for non-surgical treatment, So, Jamie prescribed her some major lifestyle and dietary changes. Before beginning her treatment under Jamie, Lauralee needed to start making changes in her diet and workout. 

As soon as she began doing that, she could already notice significant changes in her overall health and well-being. Jamie then supplemented Lauralee's efforts with fillers in her jawline and temples to give a natural lift and more youthful appearance to her face. Then for the cellulite issue, she tackled it by injecting PDO sugar threads in her thighs, which would essentially be like knee lifts. Finally, emtone, the latest technology to address cellulite issue was incorporated to tackle the stubborn cellulite on her thighs and leg. 

After all the procedures, Lauralee was beyond ecstatic with the way she looked, Her confidence steadily rose, and she even managed to find herself a date. Things are definitely looking up for Lauralee, and we couldn't be happier for her. 'Skin Decision: Before and After' is available on Netflix for streaming.

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