Netflix ‘Showtime 1958’ Ending Explained: Was P Ramlee’s concert a success or flop?

'Showtime 1958' on Netflix is based on true events around the Golden Age of Malaysian cinema

                            Netflix ‘Showtime 1958’ Ending Explained: Was P Ramlee’s concert a success or flop?
A still from 'Showtime 1958' (Netflix)

Projects like ‘Squid Game’, ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Dark’ are all part of the impressive foreign catalog of Netflix. The international projects of Netflix have always been critically acclaimed and have found success with its viewers. Despite the language barriers, these shows have gained a global fan following due to their amazing screenplays and cast performances.

Netflix has released another foreign film in its library called ‘Showtime 1958’. Set in Singapore, ‘Showtime 1958’ takes viewers back to the prime days of Malay cinema. Directed by Anwardi Jamil, the film is a tribute to his late father, Datuk Jamil Sulong. Based on actual events, the story is set during a 24-hour period at a concert organized by Malayan actor, filmmaker, musician, and composer P Ramlee and Jamil to raise funds for the Malayan Artistes Union. The concert is also famous as P Ramlee and Jamil wrote the iconic "Selamat Hari Raya" song for this concert. 


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Ending Explained

P Ramlee decided to hold the concert to raise money for studio workers who had lost their jobs. The emergence of television as well as the advent of foreign films into local cinema posed many challenges to the Malay cinema. This affected the local actors as they found themselves without any work.

Characters such as Hamid in the movie are lamenting about the future of Malay cinema. He feels that the audience is not impressed by his acts anymore and that they are more interested in foreign films. He also reveals his fears that the golden age of Malay cinema may be declining.

On the other hand, we have characters like Puspayanti who struggles every day to take care of her family. Her financial situation is so bad that she even has to steal food. However, her accidental entry into the beauty pageant in the concert changes her life. In the end, she receives a good amount of money from the contest, and also Shelly decides to help her and her siblings in the future.

After the concert, P Ramlee decides that there will be no more strikes. He also calls the concert a success and decides to donate all the proceeds to actors who are struggling. He decides to continue hosting concerts in the future suggesting that the local actors will always be in his safe hands.

'Showtime 1958' (Netflix)

As all the characters take the center stage to sing the Eid song "Aidilfitri Mulia", Hamid is seen with a smile on his face as though satisfied that the local actors will not have to struggle anymore and that the golden age of Malaysian cinema will continue despite the challenges. In the final scene, Hamid dies and the movie ends on a poignant note.

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