'Lucifer' season 5: What it means for the dark lord to return to hell from earth

The series plays out on heaven and earth and will be a delight to watch as the dark lord reaches hell to save the love of his life

                            'Lucifer' season 5: What it means for the dark lord to return to hell from earth

'Lucifer', the Netflix series which 'plays out' on heaven and earth, has been accruing a large fan base. The series traces the journey of Lucifer, the lord of the dark, to earth and his antics here. He is caught in indecision - of living life to the fullest on earth or returning to his abode above.

The character, as per the Christian faith, is the lord of the hell and a demon. In the Bible, Lucifer was god's favorite angel before being cast to earth for disobeying orders.  

Lucifer now lives among god's creations on earth. The series has been given a very modern and 21st-century setting. Lucifer, in the series, comes across as a normal human being. Lucifer's experiences on earth are so human-like. The devil, as per the scriptures, has the tendency to tempt people into believing what they want to believe. The devil works his charms and makes earthlings disobey the words of God.

Another interesting aspect of the plot is how Lucifer tempts and coaxes people into revealing their desires. In the series, he uses his powers to help solve crimes on earth too. The general perception of Lucifer gets altered in the viewers who watch the series. Many Christians believe that the series is a mockery of the religion as reported on Christian Today. A watchdog group called "One Million Moms" had termed the show "spiritually dangerous" as it makes the devil "look cool and irresistible to women."

The Odyssey reported a fan as writing: "I watch the show 'Lucifer,' Yet, I am a Christian" as an answer to all the accusations against the airing of the series. The series has gained such a high range of fandom that the producers of the show continued to make renewals and now have revealed that the next season will come out sometime next year and will be the final. The season four end scene showed the viewers that Lucifer had left earth and returned to hell to save the life of his love Chloe and also the other people who he cared about on earth.

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