Will there be a Season 3 of 'The Letdown' and will Jeremy and Audrey set aside their differences and start a life together?

Will Jeremy decide to stay on for his family or will he leave everything behind for himself? The upcoming Season 3 will have the answers.

                            Will there be a Season 3 of 'The Letdown' and will Jeremy and Audrey set aside their differences and start a life together?

'The Let Down' is a show that digs deep into the trials and tribulations of a woman who tries to take care of a baby with no support from her family and partner. Duncan Fellows plays the role of Jeremy, Audrey (Allison Bell)'s partner, and baby daddy to Stevie, their baby girl. The first two seasons of the Australian comedy series is streaming on Netflix but we are not sure if season three will be on the network. 

Jeremy is laidback and inconsistent. He is least bothered about Audrey and shows very little interest in the baby's upbringing. He is one who wants Audrey for sex and nothing else. The male chauvinistic in him comes to the fore in this realistic mom-drama. He is so self-obsessed and workaholic that he does not care for the others in his life.  

The story gathers pace from when Audrey, who lives in Sidney, has Jeremy, working in Adelaide, shuttling back on weekends. Also, the members of the parent support group are faced with new challenges, including looking for childcare and coping up with their relationships. 

Season 2 explored the lives of parents and children looking at how they bonded over time spent together as a family. Whereas, in Season 1, the main focus was on new parenting techniques and coping mechanisms of the parents as they come to terms with their new lives with children. 

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A scene in the first few episodes of Season 1 showed us the true picture of Jeremy. In Season 2, the show goes on to concentrate on family bonding. It ends with Jeremy deciding to take up a job in California, taking Audrey by surprise. He admits to keeping it from her to not worry her, but his expression and body language convey his intentions. He was aware of this offer since the beginning of Season 1 but he did not bother about what Audrey would think. She was alarmed that he had not informed her as they were planning on moving out of her mother's house and getting into a house of their own.

Audrey and his relationship may come to an end, making her a single parent in the real sense now. Or, will the tale turn and show us that Jeremy truly does care for both and that he is just bad at expressing it. 

Season two ended in a dispute of perceptions between Audrey and Jeremy. He was looking at a brighter future while she wanted to look at how they could move into a new house and get back to work herself. Season 2's ending sets the stage for the plot of Season 3. The dispute in the final episode of Season 2  opens the door to many assumptions of what's to come in Season 3. Jeremy does play an important role, signifying the relationship men have with their partners after a baby and how they handle the situation realistically. 

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