'Cable Girls' season 4 preview: Will the chicas be able to rescue their friend and keep the banner of women empowerment flying high?

We will see the Cable girls overcome their own personal lives trying to battle against feelings of jealousy, envy, selfishness, and betrayal for the sake of their own friendship.

                            'Cable Girls' season 4 preview: Will the chicas be able to rescue their friend and keep the banner of women empowerment flying high?

The latest season of 'Cable Girls' or 'Las chicas del cable' is available for streaming on Netflix. The madness that was portrayed in the last three seasons of this show set in 1920s Madrid, Spain was renewed for season 4 and one can see that the struggle to achieve women's empowerment is still on.

Ana Fernández as Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa, Nadia de Santiago as Marga Suárez Pazos, Blanca Suárez as Lidia Aguilar Dávila and Maggie Civantos as Ángeles Vidal play very crucial roles to represent the women of the 1920s in a male patriarchal society. Right from the get-go of the series, there has been drama. Season one went through the lives of these women and how they struggle to find a way into making their own lives rather than being caretakers of their men, husbands and their children. They become cable girls and decide to start working with a telecommunications company in order to gain recognition, money and a place in society. 

Each of the women has her own dreams to fulfill and they all work together as one to make it possible. The season two finale saw Lidia's life being saved by the medics as she begged for them to save her baby's life as well. After this, the show suddenly takes a leap forward to Lidia and Carlos's wedding. Season three's first episode begins with a wedding giving hope to moments of happiness, hope, joy, and positivity.  

Ángeles was arrested for the murder of her husband Mario. 

But this happiness was short-lived as we see Lidia's happily ever after go up in flames and her daughter disappear. Lidia turns to her girls and her ex Franciso (Yon Gonzalez) to find her daughter Eva. In another turn of events, Ángeles gets arrested for the murder of her husband. Lidia's search for her daughter leads to some troubling familial problems where she suspects her mother-in-law Doña Carmen of kidnapping and elsewhere Carlota is attacked for speaking about women's rights in 1920s Spain. It all ends with Lidia, Carlos, and the cable girls being held hostage in the telephone company as revolutionaries try to convince the king to abdicate. 

Season 3's pace went from zero to eighty in record time while maintaining the adrenaline rush throughout all eight dramatic episodes. As Lidia was focussed on finding her daughter and not on her on-and-off juggling with Carlos (Martiño Rivas)  and Francisco the plot became more engaging. In the end, season 3 left us wondering whether Franciso would survive being shot after he attempted to save Lidia and whether Doña Carmen would finally be exposed. 

Season 4 will see the girls involved in a battle of liberation, justice, love, friendship, and loyalty. Lidia will see a tough fight ahead what with Doña Carmen's plot against her family and then managing her feelings for Carlos and Fransisco. We will also see Marga choosing between Pablo and Julio. Will the Cable Girls succeed in bringing justice to Ángeles for the murder of her husband Mario Pérez (Sergio Mur) in self-defense and will Carlota help in solving the case? We will get our answers in the fourth season. 

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