'Lucifer' season 5: Aimee Garcia's fan-favorite character Ella Lopez may have to choose between love and revenge

Will Ella work on her love life or will she seek revenge using her connections to her celestial friend Azrael and get sent to hell? Fans will have to wait till 2020 for the answers.

                            'Lucifer' season 5: Aimee Garcia's fan-favorite character Ella Lopez may have to choose between love and revenge

'Lucifer' has a fan following that ranges from teenagers to adults. With its captivating story, season five, expected to go on air in 2020, is something everyone is looking forward to. The twitter buzz behind Lucifer's Season 5 has been astounding. Netflix announced its renewal for the final round on June 6, with the Lord of Hell taking his throne back.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see what season five holds as Lucifer moves back to "home turf." Fans tweet with excitement, "#[email protected] taking over Lucifer >> can’t wait for season 5."

Fans are speculating different scenarios regarding the plot of season five. As they know, it is going to be the last season for this show. Many fans on Twitter have given lots of credit to the character of Ella Lopez played by Aimee Garcia, saying "11:11 more Ella Lopez @Aimee_Garcia in season 5! I miss those Ella hugs and her humorous jokes #lucifans #Lucifer #LuciLove." 



The character Ella Lopez started playing an important role from season two. She belongs to a very strong Catholic family and was always in a protected atmosphere at home with five brothers on constant watch. Her character is of importance to the series because she had a celestial connection with an angel from the age of eight. 

When Ella was eight, she was in a car accident when she came across Azrael (Charlyne Yi) who is an angel and Lucifer's younger sibling. Azrael didn't use her powers as the 'Angel of Death' as Ella was still alive and it was a false alarm.

Azrael started to develop a liking for Ella and then became friends with her under her "pretend" name Rae-Rae. This incident brought a lot of change to Ella's life as Rae-Rae guarded her like an angel as she knew Ella was a good person. Azrael made Lucifer a part of her life when she knew it was time for her to return back to heaven. The series of events that followed made Ella's story more intriguing. 

Ella Lopez ( Aimee Garcia) the forensic scientist who has backed a huge fan following on Twitter, looking forward to her role in Season 5

Ella's brother was involved in some illegal business which is when she decided to move to Los Angeles to keep an eye on him (he was the car thief in season three). He went back to Detroit at the end of season three and she is unable to deal with it.

In season four, Ella is seen struggling with her faith as so many ominous things happen to her and her friend's circle. As an LAPD forensic scientist, fans speculated on Reddit that Ella will be faced with a situation in season fuve where she would have to choose between make a love decision or avenge her brother's death.

Fans speculate that Ella will either sacrifice something or in her revenge rage commit an unforgivable sin, sending her to hell for damnation.

Some fans speculate that Ella will be sent to hell as her faith in the existence of God has disappeared. The agony of losing her brother changed Ella and the fun-loving, caring and kind scientist's character could take a turn in season five.

Ella has a huge fan base on Twitter. One wrote, "Their Story is the best, I hope to see Season 5 And Ella Lopez, love your character." All the while, fans are eagerly looking forward to the Netflix release date.

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