'Workin Moms' Season 3: Will Frankie and her ex Giselle get a divorce or get back together as jealousy strikes?

The love life of Frankie has been on a rollercoaster since the beginning of 'Workin Moms' and what will love have in store for her in the next season to release on August 27. Read to know more...

                            'Workin Moms' Season 3: Will Frankie and her ex Giselle get a divorce or get back together as jealousy strikes?

'Workin Moms' is coming back to Netflix for Season 3 on August 27. This mom-flick series is so popular among young moms who are fans of this CBC adaptation that has been airing on Netflix since February this year. 

Frankie (Juno Rinaldi), the vibrant most care-free character in 'Workin Moms', is a lesbian who is trying to make things work with her on the relationship front. In season one, she went through a rough patch with her relationship with Giselle (Olunike Adeliyi), her partner. She and her partner were so happy with having and raising their daughter Rhoda together but they were not able to sort things out in their own relationship.

Frankie's work took over her family time and there ensued disputes with Giselle. Even their sexual relationship had hit rock bottom, it was like they had lost touch with each other. The lack of interest in being together was perceptible and yet they stayed together for their daughter till the end of season one. 

In season two, Frankie and Giselle's relationship had come to stand still, with Frankie moving out. Frankie was affected by postpartum depression and as soon as things started looking down, she jumped into the dating pool. This journey of Frankie, as she tries to be spontaneous with her relationships, was exciting for her fans and 'Workin Moms' viewers. While the other characters Kate (Catherine Reitman) and Anne (Dani Kind) faced a lot of tension in their friendship, Frankie was living her life without getting into any tumult.  

Frankie's character in the new season has upgraded to a more 'bad-ass' version that the viewers get to see. She is so content with being alone and being free from the relationship cuffs. She moves out and lives at her brother's residence for a while.

Juno Rinaldi ( Frankie) in 'Workin Moms' Will her love life finally gain stability in the next season three

Frankie soon begins finding herself in a sticky situation where she is bound by two relationships - the possessive Dorothy played by Angela Asher and an immature Juniper played by Aviva Mongillo. As the two relationships fail to give Frankie the satisfaction she needs, she decides to do something concrete - gain 'love stability.'

Little did she know that her partner, soon to be ex, would move on so quickly with another woman and jealousy strikes Frankie. She plays the same card back and introduces Juniper to Giselle. At the same time, she gets some money from Giselle as her share of the house and finds a place for herself. Here she meets another love prospect, a neighbor, and that storyline may find a continuation in the next season. 

Is Frankie developing new feelings for her neighbor or is she using her to get over Giselle? Wait till August 27. 

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