'Secret Obsession': Netflix movie will certainly make you wary of your male coworkers

'Secret Obsession': Netflix movie will certainly make you wary of your male coworkers

At the end of the Brenda Song starrer psychological thriller, 'Secret Obsession,' we were left with mixed feelings. The movie fell victim to a too revealing trailer – the official trailer reveals major plot points and the big twist -- the absence of which would ideally have generated some interest in the film.

The Netflix flick is a story about Jennifer (played by Song), a newlywed woman who is brutally attacked at a rest stop. After she wakes up in hospital, a man introduces himself as her husband Russell Williams. Russell (Mike Vogel) takes Jennifer to a secluded mountain estate that the couple calls home. At the same time, Russell is pursued by Detective Page (Dennis Haysbert), who is  pursuing Jennifer’s assailant — his own daughter went missing and was never found. 

Mike Vogel in 'Secret Obsession' (Netflix)



It goes without saying that Russell is not who he claims to be. As is revealed towards the end of the film, Vogel is actually Ryan Gareity – a co-worker of Jennifer and not the real Russell. Apparently, he has been in love with Jennifer for the longest time, but never actually told her anything about his feelings. They work alongside each other for years, and the whole time Jennifer has zero idea about his feelings. 

Not just that, he even attended their wedding at their mountain estate!

A much better way to approach the trailer for 'Secret Obsession' was to show that there was nothing wrong with Mike Vogel's Russell – that Song's Jennifer and Russell were just another happy newlywed couple that is struck with a tragedy like this. Had the makers decided to keep the twist to themselves and not write it in the skies through the trailer, we imagine there would have been something left to actually watch.

It doesn't matter because Song is pretty confident that the audience will watch the movie regardless of the spoilers. "The movie is more concerned with how to get out of that situation. The drilling aspect [of 'Secret Obsession'] is not this crazy twist, but it's the fact that the audience knows well before Jennifer does that the husband is dangerous. So you're sort of like, pushing her along trying to like figure it out – 'don't do that, don't do this, how do you escape someone like this [Russell]?'" the actress told us in an exclusive chat.


'Secret Obsession' is streaming on Netflix right now.

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