‘Rhythm + Flow’: Fans are loving Netflix's new hip-hop reality talent show featuring Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I.

Fans are loving the new Netflix reality talent show 'Rhythm + Flow'. Read on to know why.

                            ‘Rhythm + Flow’: Fans are loving Netflix's new hip-hop reality talent show featuring Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I.

Netflix’s much-awaited ‘Rhythm + Flow’ premiered on October 9, and fans can’t seem to stop raving about the new hip-hop talent hunt show. The show marks Netflix’s debut into reality television genre. The first four episodes of the show have been released, which feature the judges – T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper traveling across hip-hop hotspots to discover the next big hip-hop artist.
Fans appear to be loving the show and can’t stop singing praises of the show. A fan tweeted, “Bruhhhh @rhythmflow is legit the shitttt Hell im only two episodes in and the rappers spittinnnn @iamcardib @Tip @chancetherapper #Salute to making history‼️”. Another fan wrote, “#RhythmAndFlow is the most entertaining Hip Hop competition show I’ve ever watched @iamcardib was made for tv and she’s real and doesn’t sugarcoat! Everybody check it out now”. “Binge watched #RhythmAndFlow knowing my ass has class in the morning...should I just skip and become a rapper?”, joked a fan.
Aside from the brilliant rap music you all get to hear some raw and intense backstories of several contestants. Many fans found these stories very inspiring and loved it. A fan wrote,”I’m really crying listening to some of these stories on #RhythmAndFlow”. Another fan shared, “I definitely enjoyed watching #RhythmAndFlow tonight! Saw different artists with their own stories, display their art and...I loved it. Loved watching @iamcardib @chancetherapper @Tip and @SnoopDogg give raw & honest criticism. Can’t wait for next episode!”.


Fans also loved the judges and how fairly they judged each of the contestants and offered constructive criticism. “Love this new show #RhythmAndFlow @netflix @iamcardib @Tip @chancetherapper this is better than American idol  I’ll take a show of them judging all kinda of shit..next up judging a cooking show where they just eat , throw @SnoopDogg back in too!”. Cardi B won many fans with her hilarious jokes and witty feedback. A fan appreciated Cardi with, “Cardi B you are so SICKENING on Rhythm and Flow. I can't honestly say how proud I am of you. I've been watching you for so long now. I love you so much @iamcardib YOU'RE KILLING IT. #RhythmAndFlow”.

Unlike its other shows, Netflix hasn’t dropped all the episodes of this amazing show at once. The show will be released in a span of three weeks. The first four episodes which have been released on October 9, features auditions. The second week’s episodes which will be dropping on October 16 will be featuring rap battles and videos of the participants who made it through the auditions. The final week’s episodes which will be airing on October 23, will feature samples, collaborations, and finale. Fans are already hoping for season 2 even before season 1 ended. A fan wrote, “#RhythmAndFlow is a full blown anxiety attack, you just want more and more and more, there’s gonna be a season 2 right? @iamcardib @chancetherapper @Tip”.

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