'Rhythm + Flow' fans love the Chicago auditions and say it has the best line-up of rappers on the show

'Rhythm + Flow' fans love the Chicago auditions and say it has the best line-up of rappers on the show

Netflix’s newest hip-hop reality talent hunt show, 'Rhythm + Flow' has fans already rooting for their favorite cities. We see the three judges — Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper, combing hip-hop hotspots — New York. Atlanta and Chicago in search of the next big rapper.

Each of the judges went back to their hometowns looking for talent. Cardi was busy scouting for some fresh talent in New York, while T.I. decided to check out the barbershop in Atlanta to know who was setting the rap scene in the mid-western city on fire.

Chance the Rapper revisited his pre-fame days in Chicago by taking us on a mini-tour of all the places in the city that played a significant role in his life.

While all three judges found some amazing talent in their respective cities, fans couldn't help but feel that Chicago had some of the finest upcoming talent representing their city.

Apart from great talent, most participants in Chicago rapped about social subjects like police brutality, gun violence, abuse, and poverty. These auditions also left several fans in tears.


For instance, one of the participants — BigMouf'Bo, a 24-year old aspiring rapper, delivered a heart-touching performance on police brutality during an open mic session before the auditions.

Chance was so moved by her performance that he immediately moved Bo to the next round in LA without any auditions. Several fans expressed how they were left in tears after watching the young lady's strong performance.

One fan wrote, "Maaannn the open mic girl from Chicago that went straight to L.A has me over here crying. Why they gotta do me like that. #RhythmandFlow".

Fans have already begun speculating that Chicago might have a winner on their hands.  A fan tweeted, "#RhythmAndFlow Chicago is winning it. No doubt. They hungry. New York and Atlanta sound is played out."

Another fan shared, "Just finished #RhythmAndFlow ...I’m so ATL, but I gotta say...my favorite auditions were in the Chicago episode. @chancetherapper is bringing solid talent to LA..."


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