Netflix ‘Rhythm + Flow’: Fans are in love with Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper’s chemistry on the show

Fans are willing to give Netflix's new reality talent show a chance thanks to the judges and their chemistry.

                            Netflix ‘Rhythm + Flow’: Fans are in love with Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper’s chemistry on the show

Netflix has arrived on the reality scene with a bang with ‘Rhythm + Flow’. The reality show which features T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper’s quest for finding the next big hip-hop superstar has us hooked. What sets this show apart from the remaining talent hunt shows that are already running is that this focuses only on hip-hop and also the judges on this show are big names in the industry who are still extremely relevant.

The show has already shown us some amazing talent which is present in the cities of Atlanta, California, Chicago and New York, the hip-hop hotbeds. We saw the judges make a fair and balanced decision for each of the contestants on the show. They were neither over-the-top dramatic or controversial, they dished out constructive criticism and treated the participants with respect, and fans are loving it.
Cardi B’s witty compliments or observations, T.I.’s obsession with perfection and Chance’s gentleness has won the hearts of viewers. Several fans took to their social media to praise the judges for beautifully carrying out their job. A fan tweeted, “I love and respect @iamcardib in #RhythmAndFlow She speaks the straight truth and gives constructive feedback to better the artist and not to embarrass them.” Another fan wrote, “#RhythmAndFlow I didn't think much of it when I seen it... Gave it a chance today and damn I'm addicted... Production is really well and love all 3 of the judges and special guest, I hope the show has a ton more seasons!!! Looking forward to it!” Fans also couldn’t stop raving about the chemistry between the judges. For instance when Cardi B asks T.I. how he knew so many fancy words. The rapper calmly says that he has been in jail. 

You can stream ‘Rhythm + Flow’ on Netflix.

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