'Intrusion' Review: Netflix movie takes trust issues to a whole new level

Home is where you're the safest right? Wrong. Danger lies closer than ever in the Netflix thriller

                            'Intrusion' Review: Netflix movie takes trust issues to a whole new level
Freida Pinto as Meera in 'Intrusion' (Teddy Cavendish/Netflix)

When a couple leaves their old life behind to begin fresh at their new house they do not get the peace they'd hoped for. Everything goes for a toss after a horrible home invasion, which leaves the wife traumatized and suspicious with incidents not adding up. In her search for answers, it seems the truth is far from what it appears and that the real threat is yet to present itself. Everyone is a suspect, with even her husband trying to hide information.

The movie will definitely have you on the edge of your seat as every revelation seems to throw you off course, in the quest for the truth. If you liked this movie you should also consider checking out El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie', The Da Vinci Code', 'Stowaway' and 'Shutter Island'.


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Spoilers for 'Intrusion'

'Intrusion' does a good job of depicting how you never truly know someone completely even if it's a person you've known forever. The movie sets the tone well for a home invasion that has more to it than just a burglary. We see husband and wife Henry and Meera beginning their new lives in the small town of Corrales after moving from Boston, Massachusetts into their new home Henry built for them. Things seem to be going well with their new lives when danger rears its ugly head. 

Freida Pinto as Meera paints a picture of a happy wife who's content in life with her doting husband Henry played by Logan Marshall-Green. Meera is shown to have beat cancer after struggling with it while Henry is the husband who quite insensitvely reminds her of all he had to do for her(as he should) at the worst moments possible, despite caring deeply for her. The movie has a fairly regular start with generic background scenes introducing the characters. The couple it seems has gone through difficult times and are looking for peace and comfort in their new home but well, this isn't that kind of movie is it?.Not a lengthy watch, the movie dives right into the action with the intrusion happening early in the film. From there the story picks up.

Freida Pinto as Meera in 'Intrusion' (Ursula Coyote/Netflix)

The harrowing experience brings out different sides to the characters leaving viewers second-guessing the seemingly regular people. Meera the counselor when not asking at her job, begins to ask questions surrounding the suspicious behavior of her husband. Putting on her sleuthing hat, she sets out to look for clues. The movie has plenty of moments which have you questioning the characters' reliability. A still shows Henry on alert and defensive when he's close to making mistakes around Meera. Logan Marshall-Green showcases his acting chops well, flashing viewers with creepy, menacing looks. Entwined with her husband's inconsistencies surrounding his relationship with the attackers is the case of the missing girl Christine who is the daughter of one of the suspects. Sticking to the regular thriller recipe, shocks and jumps are delivered in the form of sudden character appearances with exciting music, but not often, which is a shame for a thriller.

Freida Pinto as Meera and Logan Marshall-Green as Henry in 'Intrusion' (Ursula Coyote/Netflix)

'Intrusion' is a fairly decent watch which although lacking originality makes up for it by sticking to the basics which audiences don't mind watching. Familiarity too works in mysterious ways it seems. The direction of the film story is easy to predict by the clues laid throughout the film but are quite enjoyable as revelations to be introduced to by the character of Meera. With truths hidden in the details waiting to be discovered viewers along with Meera follow her husband's indiscretions on this journey to discovering the truth.

Performances to watch

Logan Marshall-Green as the husband Henry puts on a stunning performance as the husband with a hidden side. Right from the start with him shown as the loving caring man his wife knows, to the psycho he is revealed to be, he is marvelous. As we see his facade chip away bit by bit with him revealing his true colors audiences can expect to slowly be wowed by the revelations with a compelling performance right up to the end. Freida Pinto too puts on a good show with a great emotional depiction.

Who will enjoy the film

The movie plot isn't exactly unique but still holds its ground. For a thriller, it put on a good show with viewers treated to hidden truths and revelations. Audiences who love plot twists and surprises will likely enjoy the movie. Although not really scary, the movie does have a few moments where you'll have your heart in your mouth. This movie makes for a decent weekend or movie night watch -- the plot is easy to follow and it packs enough thrills as well.

'Intrusion' is now streaming on Netflix.

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