'My First First Love': Actors of Netflix's South Korean romance drama announce season two run

The new season will air on July 26 and will continue the adventures of the show's youngsters as they learn to love and live together

                            'My First First Love': Actors of Netflix's South Korean romance drama announce season two run

Netflix's South Korean coming-of-age series, 'My First First Love', will be getting a second season run on July 26, 2019. According to Soompi, the news was first announced by the show's actors in a video posted on Netflix's social media account.



The video features cast members Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, B1A4's Jinyoung, Choi Ri, and Kang Tae-Oh. After a quick announcement that the second season would arrive on July 26, exactly 100 days after the release of the series' first season, the actors encourage the audience to wait and watch for the premiere. No additional details were revealed about the new season besides the release date.

'My First First Love' is a romantic drama series that tells the story of five youths who must deal with love, friendship, and their own dreams when they are forced to move in together. According to director Oh Jin Seok, the new season will further explore the themes of the first season. He said, "The seeds of youth sown in season one will gradually develop, with love and dreams also growing slowly."

On the show, Ji Soo plays Yoon Tae-Oh, a college student who moves into his grandfather's house on his 20th birthday only to be unexpectedly joined by his childhood best friend Han Song-yi (Jung Chae-yeon), family friend Oh Ga-rin (Choi Ri) and college dropout Choi Hoon (Kang Tae-Oh). Jinyoung plays Seo Do Hyun, Tae-Oh's college friend who is the stable center of the group and the only one who does not move in with Tae-Oh.

Jinyoung is best known for his singing career with the boy group B1A4 and for his work on the television series 'Love in the Moonlight'. Chae-Yeon is a member of the South Korean girl group DIA and Choi Ri gained recognition for her 2016 film 'Spirits' Homecoming' while Kang Tae-Oh is a member of 5urprise, South Korea's first ever "actor group".

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