Netflix's 'Knock Down The House' trailer drops to divided opinions, some fans upset about "AOC documentary"

Netflix's 'Knock Down The House' trailer drops to divided opinions, some fans upset about "AOC documentary"

Netflix released a trailer for its upcoming documentary, 'Knock Down the House', and it seems the streaming platform is simply pushing itself harder to remain in popular discussion. The documentary chiefly revolves around the struggle of four women, including freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in the 2018 midterm election.

Although the story spans four segments portraying the struggles of four women, the documentary has somehow been nicknamed the "AOC documentary" leaving some fans disappointed. According to some fans, Netflix is now just trying way too hard. 

However, in order to identify with the fans' real agitation behind the streaming platform, it might be worth recalling what AT&T’s new head of HBO, Bob Greenblatt, said not so long ago. The newly hired head claimed in an interview with NBC News’ Dylan Byers, “Netflix doesn’t have a brand. It’s just a place you go to get anything — it’s like Encyclopedia Britannica.” While the statement has been cited several times as a claim to cover up HBO's incompetence, it cannot be ignored that Netflix has, at times, grabbed at straws. A big instance of this would be the streaming platform's trend of bringing back things the world forgot, like Rom-Coms. 

Netflix seems to serve the same old things on a more decorated plate. (IMDb)

While Hollywood is avoiding putting out just another silly story about a white boy falling for a perfectly flawed yet adorable white girl, Netflix has created a whole new genre of romantic comedies. Only last year it brought in several romantic movies such as 'The Kissing Booth', 'The Princess Switch', and 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser', all of which deal with a very common topic of following an utterly messed up teenager in her quest to find love, which is nothing more than a summer pass time. However, in this very genre, it did try out its hand on something a little more inclusive such as 'Nappily Ever After' but then again it too turned out to be just comfort food with no special ingredient to spice it up. 


'Nappily Ever After' could have been radical but Netflix continues to keep things ordinary. (IMDb)

Now with the trailer's release of 'Knock Down the House' the streaming platform has received criticism over its repeated recycling of an already recycled product. It cannot be denied that Netflix has committed a big flaw of anything democratic; it has compromised quality for quantity. In its attempt to make its presence felt across the globe, the streaming platform has managed to bring together a massive collection of foreign films but barely a handful of them are worth watching. However, things might get worse with 'Knock Down the House' as chances are, the documentary might be perceived as too political. One fan on Reddit stated, "Campaign documentaries are a fairly common genre."


Fans are absolutely dissatisfied with the new documentary. (Twitter)

Some fans are even considering canceling their Netflix accounts as they are assuming that the money made by the documentary might be used for Ocasio-Cortez's future campaigns. One fan on Twitter claimed in this regard, "So the royalties take place of big donations. Nice sl[e]ight of hand." Another fan added, "Someone funded the production...and someone funded them."

Some mocked, as they claimed, "Typical Netflix trying to glorify the left. Why would I pay for something like that?" Some fans are also pretty upset that the documentary has garnered the reputation of an "AOC documentary", since it also tells the stories of Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin. A fan on Twitter stated, "Just Democratic propaganda to force @AOC down our throats. The other women are merely props to shine more light on Ms. Cortez." However, putting aside all criticisms it cannot be denied that the documentary is bound to bring forward some untold stories of some unsung heroes. 


Several fans have also stated that the documentary will certainly act as an inspiration for many. One fan on Twitter said, "Raise your hand if you’ll be watching #KnockDownTheHouse. So proud of these ladies and the overdue change they are bringing to America." Some are even appreciating it for its take on the upward climb of the average American. "Wow! This is extraordinary! Let us hope and, moreover, VOTE that the cracks in the intransigent wall of the status quo keep widening. Inspire on, young warrior!" Whatever it is, perhaps it is best to actually judge the documentary for what it truly stands, and that will only be revealed once it is released on Netflix May 1. 


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