'Indian Matchmaking': Richa says she's looking for a 'fair-skinned' boy, fans are livid

Fans slammed Netflix and Richa for their preoccupation with 'fair skin'

                            'Indian Matchmaking': Richa says she's looking for a 'fair-skinned' boy, fans are livid
Richa (Netflix)

There's no denying that Netflix's new show 'Indian Matchmaking' is beyond entertaining. It gave us a peek into the Indian culture and the traditions. Alongside the rich history and culture, we also got a glimpse into the prejudices present amongst the people on the other side of the world.

The show ended with an introduction to Sima Taparia's new client- Richa. We see Sima sitting down with Richa to understand what Richa is looking for in her ideal man. Richa came up with a lengthy list of requirements. The requirements range from a tall guy to a preference for a "fair-skinned" man. Richa explains that she doesn't want anybody too dark and would prefer a fair-skinned guy. 

When fans heard Richa's requirements, they were seething with rage over her blatant colorist remarks. A fan tweeted, "Richa "I don't want anyone too dark, fair is good" Yea thanks producers for ending the season on that note, a b*tch got herself f***ed up, has Richa looked in a mirror? #IndianMatchmaking." Another fan wrote, "Richa said her future husband must “ Not too dark, you know, fair-skinned”. Fear of black/dark skinned  #IndianMatchmaking."

"This girl said ”not too dark, someone who is fair” WITH HER WHOLE CHEST #IndianMatchmaking," commented a surprised fan. Another fan observed, "#indianmatchmaking did the last girl really say “not too dark”? Living in a western country with such backward thinking (colourism)."

Many fans also slammed the show for portraying "fair-skin" as a desirable trait. A fan expressed, "The subtle emphasis on being fair has not escaped me. I see y'all #IndianMatchmaking." Another fan shared, "I like #IndianMatchmaking, but the colorism just popped out. UGH. The preoccupation with fair and light skin is global I guess."

"The amount of times the word “fair” is used on #IndianMatchmaking is befuddling. “I wAnT sOmEoNe wHo iS fAiRrR.” It makes this show feel HIGHLY tone deaf. Or... Conspiracy theory... It deliberately wants to make Indians look insensitive with everything going on socially," wondered a fan. Another fan pointed out, "The amount of times ‘fair skin’ has been mentioned as criteria for a good match. The colourism, sexism and all the other isms and I’m only only one episode into the show  #IndianMatchmaking."

'Indian Matchmaking' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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