'Indian Matchmaking': Ankita's journey from battling body-shamers to self-love makes for an inspiring watch

'Indian Matchmaking': Ankita's journey from battling body-shamers to self-love makes for an inspiring watch
Ankita (Netflix)

When Ankita decided on enlisting the help of leading matchmaker Sima Taparia's help to find a partner for herself, little did she know that her life would change forever. As a feminist and fierce believer in equal rights, Ankita was looking for a partner who would be supportive of her career as an entrepreneur, and treat her as an equal partner in their marriage. 

When Sima hears Ankita's criteria for her match, she quickly realizes that her clientele might not be a good fit for Ankita, since her clients are mostly "traditional families." So, she sends Ankita to her fellow matchmaker, Geeta. When Ankita meets Geeta, the latter questions her beliefs and ideology instead of understanding her needs and requirements.

Ankita tries explaining to Geeta that she would like to be an equal partner in the marriage, but the latter quashes her views by trying to impose the archaic belief of how a wife's role is to be supportive of her husband. Despite Geeta's questionable views, Ankita decides to give the men Geeta picked a chance and ends up meeting a fellow entrepreneur, Kshitij.

Kshitij and she have a great time together, and Ankita feels hopeful of seeing him again. But when she finds out that Kshitij is a divorcee, and Geeta withheld the key piece of information from her, Ankita gets furious. She meets Sima to explain how she's disappointed with the way Geeta handled things.

Sima tries to pacify Ankita and then suggests that she meet a life coach to get some clarity on what she's looking for. Ankita readily agrees to the suggestion and meets the life coach. The coach then points out to Ankita how her body-image issues growing up left her with low self-esteem and confidence. She advises Ankita to focus on herself and heal.

Ankita then reflects on what the coach said and begins spending more time with herself and her loved ones. By the end of the episode, we see Ankita deciding that her career and passion is a priority over her marriage at that point of time, and decides to put a pin on her wedding plans. Ankita's incredible journey from being so conscious of herself to a confident woman was beautiful to watch.

'Indian Matchmaking' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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