'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery' Ending Explained: Will the cops be able to catch Holy Father?

Salvo and Valentino get entangled in a murder case and try their best to help the cops in catching the real murderer but will their plan succeed?

                            'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery' Ending Explained: Will the cops be able to catch Holy Father?
'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery' revolves around two technicians named Salvo and Valentino (Netflix)

Netflix's 'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery' is one of the best murder mysteries that you can ever binge on. The series shows how the everyday lives of two ordinary technicians take a dramatic turn, creating many problems for them along the way. The series is full of here funny moments that you will surely appreciate. 

'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery' revolves around Salvo and Valentino who go to Alberto Gambrino's house to repair his TV but find him dead. They both invite a lot of trouble and even go behind bars. Salvo and Valentino face issues in every aspect of their life, be it home or outside the home. At home, Salvo is annoyed with his wife Ester who cheated on him, and Valentino faces problems with his mother who keeps him away from every woman. Outside the house, they have to deal with a mafia gang as they confessed that they killed Gambino.


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'Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery': Valentino admits to killing Gambino with Salvo's help

In episode 5 of the show, the duo finally tries to figure it all out and tell the cops everything that they've been through like meeting the Holy Father, the mafia gang, creating fake scenarios to kill Salvo's wife, and all the other things they both have faced after lying that they were behind the murder. The cops included the prosecutor in the case after trying hard and Salvo and Valentino successfully convinced him and the police department of their innocence. 

All of them sit together and hatch a clever plan to catch the Holy Father because the prosecutor had been searching for him for the past 50 years and wanted to sue him after he killed his best friend and colleague. So, they set up a trap by spreading the rumor that someone amongst the Holy Father's gang is trying to put him behind bars and is ready to reveal all the secrets and information about him. With this, they think that they would be able to catch and reveal who is Holy Father is, but are unaware of the fact that the Holy Father is one step ahead of them. It is shocking to find out that the doorman is the Holy Father and leader of the mafia gang.

The doorman or Holy Father escapes with Tonino but comes back again and when he dies, Tonino traps Salvo and Valentino. The name of Alberto Gambrino's murderer is still unknown. What will now happen to Salvo and Valentino is still a mystery. The audience is eagerly waiting for another season of the show.

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