Netflix 'Dynasty Warriors' Ending Explained: Was it the end of Han Dynasty? Sequel looks likely

Netflix 'Dynasty Warriors' Ending Explained: Was it the end of Han Dynasty? Sequel looks likely
Louis Koo as Lu Bu in 'Dynasty Warriors' (Netflix)

Dynasty Warriors’ has finally made its way to Netflix and is currently available for streaming on the world’s biggest platform. Based on the video game series of the same name and one of China’s famous novels ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’,  the movie takes place in the Eastern Han Dynasty, where Dong Zhou (Lam Suet), an ambitious leader, reigns supreme over common people and the courts as well. China is thrown into chaos by the influence of the emperor. The growing chaos gives rise to great heroes and villains from across the land, changing the fate of China forever.

Liu Bei (Tony Yang), Guan Yu (Han Geng), and Zhang Fei (Justin Cheung) try to overthrow a warlord they once saved. However, if they want to overpower the throne, they would have to go against the powerful and legendary warrior Lu Bu (Louis Koo).


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The movie has a good premise and had a lot of potentials, but its narrative gets compromised by its jolting tonal shifts and poor CGI. The film ends with an epic battle sequence between the protagonists and the legendary warrior Lu Bu. But, what happens during the battler? Let’s take a look at the ending of ‘Dynasty Warriors’.

Tony Yang as Liu Bei in 'Dynasty Warriors' (Netflix)


‘Dynasty Warriors’ Ending Explained

The last half an hour of the movie is totally dedicated to the fight sequence between the two sides. The protagonists – Liu, Guan, and Zhang – reach the warlord’s castle and are ready for a right. Meanwhile, Lu Bu is also ready for a right and is actually thinking of ending the fight really soon. He starts the battle by calling the trio a “bunch of losers.”

The armies from both sides fight each other and are leaving no stone unturned to dominate their rivals. On the other hand, our protagonists are also ready to show their powers on the battlefield and they swiftly kill the baddies with their unique skills. Lu Bu gets agitated and shows his true strength by killing almost 1/4th of the enemy’s army by himself. But now, it’s showtime. The trio comes face to face with the legendary warrior and they are ready to take it to a whole new level. They fight and showcase the powers they possess. Lu Bu, for a minute, thinks that he is finally fighting some people who are worth his time.


Louis Koo as Lu Bu in 'Dynasty Warriors' movie (Netflix)


Even after being at their best, the trio fails to dominate Lu Bu and he is toying with them. However, they soon realize that their weapons will get stronger if their own blood is spilled on them. They take the drastic decision of putting their own blood on their respective weapons and attack Lu Bu.


A still from the movie 'Dynasty Warriors' (Netflix)


The collision between the enemies is terrifying and sends everyone down to the ground. However, their fight is stopped because Lu Bu’s kingdom has been breached by the enemy forces and Lu Bu is called back to defend it. Before leaving, he says, “We are not done yet.”

The movie ends with Han Dynasty divided and the ruler, Dong Zhou (Lam Suet), fleeing the capital. In the final moments of the movie, Cao Cao (Kai Wang) reveals that the dynasty is run by the emperor and wherever he goes, the dynasty follows. So, he makes the plan for pursuing the emperor and saving the dynasty.


Tony Yang as Lie Bei and Kai Wang as Cao Cao in 'Dynasty Warriors' (Netflix)


A few years later, Cao reaches a place where Liu, Guan, and Zhang have opened a combat training school for youngsters. Cao reveals that he wants the Han Dynasty to survive and return to its former glory. Cao leaves the place by telling Liu that he hopes to be his friend for life. To which, Lie replies, “As long as you are loyal to the Han Court, you will always be my friend.”

The ending suggests that there will definitely be a sequel to the movie. Lu Bu’s fight with the trio is still not finished and we don’t know what happened at the capital when Lu Bu reached there. Meanwhile, Cao was to achieve lasting peace by conquering the nation.

The conclusion perfectly sets up the second movie and fans will be eager to know about what happens in the future. But the movie turned out to be a flop at the box office and Netflix might be the only saving grace for the makers.

‘Dynasty Warriors’ is currently streaming on Netflix.