'Dream House Makeover': Shea works her magic on historic Wansgard Barn built by the first pioneers

Sarah and Dave Wansgard couldn't stop praising Shea for her impressive redesigning skills on the house from the 1800s

                            'Dream House Makeover': Shea works her magic on historic Wansgard Barn built by the first pioneers

Historic homes exude a certain charm, so when it comes to renovation or redesigning these homes it is always tricky to retain the old-world charm while incorporating modern aesthetics. So, when the Wansgard family, who own the historic Wansgard Barn in Utah, turned to Shea and Syd McGee for help, Shea was thrilled at the opportunity. Shea admitted that it was her first historic redesigning, but was confident that she could pull it off. Sarah and Dave Wansgard reside in the Wansgard Barn, which was built in the 1800s by the first pioneers. Dave Wansgard pulled out some pictures and documents to show Shea how their home was one of the first homes to be built on the empty plot of land in Utah, back in the day. Shea began feeling a bit of the pressure about retaining the unique history behind the home while she spoke to Dave and Sarah about what they were expecting when it came to the redesigning work.

The couple wanted the space to look a bit more modern while retaining the historic value, and also expressed their desire to make it a more lively, and child-friendly home. Since the interiors were all made of wood and wooden panels, the house exuded the feeling of being in a cabin, which Sarah wasn't such a huge fan of. So, Shea came up with a solution of tweaking the ceiling a bit, by wallpapering it, and using carpets on the floor to make it more child-friendly.

The end result was that the space looked extremely inviting and cozy without losing any of its historic significance. When Sarah and Dave walked in and saw their home transformed so beautifully, they were left speechless. The little thoughtful additions by Shea to make the house more family-friendly were greatly appreciated by the clients. Dave was especially impressed by the low couch that Shea placed in the television room, where the couple could rest their feet, while the kids' play area was right behind them. So, the couple could enjoy some alone time together while still keeping an eye on the children. Sarah and Dave thanked Shea and Syd for their brilliant work and were excited to explore their new space, which they hoped to pass onto their children.

'Dream Home Makeover' is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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