'Lenox Hill': Netflix viewers glad for meaningful content that 'glorifies health care workers and not police'

The documentary, filmed over 18 months before the pandemic hit New York, is a reminder of the everyday heroics of doctors. Fans loved the real-life 'Grey's Anatomy' and thanked Netflix for making it

                            'Lenox Hill': Netflix viewers glad for meaningful content that 'glorifies health care workers and not police'

'Lenox Hill' that dropped today on Netflix is acquiring two kinds of viewers. One, those who connected to the profession or are aspiring to be. And then there are those who would like to know about frontline health workers as COVID-19 rages on. One user tweeted about the long-awaited IRL medical docu-series, saying: "We will finally get to see a medical show that's not fictional. #LenoxHill #netflix", while another said: "Please watch @lenoxhill docu-series on @Netflix for three reasons. First, it’s amazing, second, they are heroes, and third Lenox Hill is sharing miracles with all of us... it’s amazing and cutting edge."

In the documentary Dr. John Boockvar, as a neuropharmacologist, gives us a glimpse into the next generation of drugs and innovative treatment methods to fight cancer, while Dr. David Langer waxes eloquent about equipment like the high-definition exoscope that allows him to get rid of the cancerous cells in a more precise manner. The groundbreaking surgeries and medicine featured in the docu-series won fans looking to binge on some meaningful content.

One user tweeted, "Thank you @netflix for Lennox Hill, it exactly what I wanted to watch" and another remarked, "Netflix has a docu-series called Lenox Hill about NYC’s very own Lennox Hill hospital in the Upper East Side. This is the kind of content I signed up for". Undoubtedly, just as the Black Lives Matter has led to cries to defund police departments, there was been equally strong support for better resources for frontline health workers in the times of COVID-19. One user, who had watched the eight-part series said: "I’m glad they are glorifying health care workers and not the police so that’s something". 

In the series, Dr. Boockvar talks about how a paltry 6 billion is spent on cancer research -- the cost of three fighter jets. Dr. Boockvar also drew attention for his good looks and Chrissy Hofbeck, one of his old friends, compared him to 'Grey's Anatomy' "McDreamy" tweeting from her handle, saying: "I'm extra excited because the real-life McDreamy is neurosurgeon @johnboockvar who's been one of my close pals for over 30 years. Here are some pics of us when we were 18 years old lol," to which Boockvar replied to, saying the pictures brought back fond memories. 

Others showered love for all four doctors featured in the docu-series. "Netflix's #LenoxHill is a docu-series that's worth every minute of your time. I fell in love with Dr. David Langer, Dr. John Boockvar, Dr. Mirtha Macri and Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson. It'll be labeled as a real-life #GreysAnatomy, but it's so much more than that," said one fan of the series, while another who had only watched Episode 1 till then had already picked a favorite -- Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson. She tweeted, "#LenoxHill show is pretty good. I’m crying for sure nothing but I like it so far. Of course, Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson is my fav[orite] but I’m only on episode 1 so... keep y’all posted."

The documentary, filmed over 18 months just before the pandemic hit New York, is a reminder of the everyday heroics of doctors. 

'Lenox Hill' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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