'Dating Around' Season 2: Heather and Ernesto's cute date sees fans rooting for their relationship

Heather's final second date choice on 'Dating Around' gets fans' approval

                            'Dating Around' Season 2: Heather and Ernesto's cute date sees fans rooting for their relationship
Heather (Netflix)

There wasn't even a moment of awkwardness between Heather and Ernesto when they met for the first time on a blind date on episode four of 'Dating Around'. The couple instantly hit it off from the get-go. Heather, who works as a makeup artist, found a lot of things in common with international airline salesperson Ernesto.

The makeup artist revealed that she lives with her parents, which surprisingly left Ernesto impressed because even he was in a similar living situation. He then told her that he too is living with his parents while his house was being renovated. While Heather passionately talked about her love for animals, Ernesto shared about his passion for uplifting the people of his community. 

As the night progressed, the two found several more things in common. Like when Heather revealed that her favorite show is 'Peaky Blinders', Ernesto was pleasantly surprised. He told her that it is his favorite show too and he hasn't met many girls who liked the show. She then proceeded to impersonate a character from the show, which left Ernesto feeling mighty impressed with his date.

At the end of their date, they shared a kiss. After the kiss, Heather complimented him saying he is a very good kisser. The two ended their date on a lovely note. So, it didn't come as a surprise when Heather decided to go on a second date with Ernesto. For their second date, we saw Ernesto bringing in a band with him and the lovely couple danced on the side of the street while the band played the music.

Fans couldn't get enough of how lovely the couple looked together, and applauded Heather for choosing the perfect person for second date. A fan tweeted, "Heather made such a great choice they’re so cute together #DatingAround." Another fan wrote, "Heather and Ernesto make such a cute couple. #DatingAround."

"I really Hope Heather and Ernesto are still dating. Best date from the show. No doubt #DatingAround," shared a fan. Another fan expressed, "I want heather and ernesto to have a long happy cute life together they were the best  also heather if ur out there can we be friends pls #datingaround." "Heather’s episode of #DatingAround had me in my feelings, almost shed a tear. Her & the guy she picked are so cute together!!," revealed a fan.

'Dating Around' Season 2 is now available on Netflix for streaming. 

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