Netflix's 'Secret Obsession': Brenda Song gets cornered into a dangerous situation in this drama-thriller

Netflix's 'Secret Obsession': Brenda Song gets cornered into a dangerous situation in this drama-thriller

It is very rare to see Brenda Song out of a Disney project. Coming to Netflix this July 18, 2019, is 'Secret Obsession', a thriller original from the streaming service. 

The upcoming drama thriller is written by Kraig Wenman and Peter Sullivan, who is also the director of the film. Produced by Jeffrey Schenck and Barry Barnholtz, the movie stars Brenda Song from ' The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' fame as a newlywed woman named Jennifer Williams, Mike Vogel from 'The Help', 'Cloverfield, and 'She’s Out of My League' fame stars as Russel Williams, Song's reel-life husband. The movie also stars Dennis Haysbert from 'Far From Heaven', '24' and 'Heat' fame as Detective Frank Page. 

Brenda Song in 'Secret Obsession' coming to Netflix on July 18, 2019. (Image: Netflix)

The one-hour thirty-seven-minutes-long Netflix original follows Song's Jennifer who is recently married to Vogel's Russell. After a brutal attack in the dark of the night at a rest stop, Jennifer cannot recall what happened that night – how or who attacked her. 


But her husband is simply thankful that she has returned home and is now safe. They then make a visit to their secluded mountain estate. At the same time though, Dennis Haysbert's Detective Frank Page begins his quest for Jennifer's assailant. As it turns out, Detective Page's daughter went missing and was never found by the authorities. This pushes Detective Page deeper into the mystery and now he must unravel what had happened to Jennifer that night. 

Solving this mystery is not actually going to be that easy. While both Jennifer and her husband are at the secluded mountain estate, Detective Page is yet to make the discovery that Jennifer might meet the same fate as his own daughter and never be found alive. It is up to him to realize that her loving caretaker could actually be her captor, just in time to save her life.

Considering how Netflix has already said it in their official synopsis that Jennifer's "loving caretaker is actually her captor", we think the movie is more concerned with how Jennifer is found than who attacks her. 


Netflix is yet to release an official trailer for the movie, but since the movie is set to release within the next few days, the trailer should be out anytime soon. 

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