'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork': Air time, cast and how to watch Netflix docu

'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork': Air time, cast and how to watch Netflix docu
A scene out of 'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork' (Netflix)

'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork' is a Netflix-backed three-part series that examines the death of French producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier. She was murdered at her holiday home in West Cork, Ireland, in December 1996. The documentary premieres a week after Jim Sheridan’s 'Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie', which premieres on Sky Crime on June 20, Sunday. 

In 2021, Netflix has been betting big on crime docu series. Some of the released titles include: 'The Sons of Sam', 'Audrie & Daisy', 'Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez' and 'Making a Murderer'


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Air time and how to live stream

The Plantier murder documentary is coming to Netflix on June 30, 2021. For more information, check your listings. 


'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork' will feature contributions by Pierre Louis Baudey-Vignaud, Sophie's son, who was 15 at the time of his mother's killing. The residents of Schull and journalist Ian Bailey will be giving interviews too. Bailey was found guilty by a French court. 



As evident, the docuseries will explore the murder of Plantier. Back then, it was considered one of the most brutal and shocking murders to have ever taken place in the country. It left most flummoxed and "triggered" one of the "biggest murder investigations Ireland had ever seen and became a national obsession."

French producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier's (middle) murder is explored in 'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork' (Netflix)

"The documentary will chart the circumstances of her death, unravelling the extraordinary story from its beginning, 24 years ago to the present day. With exclusive access to Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s family, the series will bring together, for the first time, the views of her family with Ian Bailey, the man at the centre of the investigation," the official synopsis reads.



The first trailer dropped on June 17 and has since garnered over 65K views and 100 + comments. "I listened to the Podcast regarding this case and have my doubts regarding the suspect it seems its too convenient to be him and think its more likely to be someone from her past in France maybe. BTW I’m in Ireland and have known about this case for over 20 years it comes up on the News here every so often," one user wrote, another pointed out: "The West Cork podcast is phenomenal."




The docuseries is produced by Lightbox and executive produced by Simon Chinn, who said: “The project became something that we really wanted to get involved in when we met Sophie's family and gained their trust."


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